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21 Jun 2015


Winter Festival in Punta Arenas

Patagonia celebrates the winter. From 21 June to late August, Punta Arenas celebrated this time of year with different activities, whose center..


23 Ago 2015

Traditionalists Traditions

The Nazarene of Caguach Festival in Chiloé

Every year, Chiloé’s largest religious event, the Nazarene of Caguach Festival, is celebrated on the Island of Caguach. The celebrations attract around..


01 Sep 2015

Traditionalists Traditions

Our Lady Guadalupe of Ayquina Festival 2015

The Ayquina Festival is held in veneration of the Virgin Guadalupe. A variety of religious dances are presented in her honor. It’s..


18 Sep 2015

Traditionalists Traditions

“Fiestas Patrias” – Chile’s Independence Holidays

Every year, on the 18th September, Chile celebrates – in spectacular fashion – the “Fiestas Patrias”, annual national holidays that commemorate the..


26 Sep 2015

Sports and Adventure

International Patagonia Marathon

This running event takes place in the Torres del Paine National Park, situated in the Chilean Patagonia, surrounded by enormous glaciers, lakes..

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Chile opens the highest look-out point in South America - Chile Travel


Chile opens the highest look-out point in South America

Santiago can now be admired from a new perspective, thanks to Sky Costanera: an innovative look-out..

  • Published
  • 24/08/2015
The Weaving Route: Vilcún’s new tourist circuit - Chile Travel

Arte y Cultura

The Weaving Route: Vilcún’s new tourist circuit

This town is a marvellous destination for anyone interested in culture, nature and adventure. Tourists..

  • Published
  • 18/08/2015
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