From the driest desert in the world up north to eternal glaciers and inverted waterfalls down south, Chile extends travelers an invitation that is hard to turn down.

Learn about tourism in Chile, and you will be amazed by all of the experiences you can find at the southern tip of the world.

Choose Chile. Where the impossible is possible. Space observation in the Atacama Desert, thousand-year-old glaciers in the far south, magical forests and lakes lying at the foot of extraordinary volcanoes. Islands full of legends, wine traditions, incredible challenges to take on, and the capital city of Santiago with its airs of modernity and accessibility.

An extensive territory with wide horizons that will make you feel alive, get you in touch with nature and invite you to explore pristine lands. A true test of your senses, where its people and culture will offer a pleasant surprise with their friendliness and hospitality. A completely new experience where the whales can fly, the desert yields flowers, and you can enjoy the four seasons of the year in a single day. A place where the impossible is possible.

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North and the Atacama Desert

Under a sky with infinite stars lies the world’s driest desert waiting for the anticipated blooming.

Ir a Norte y Desierto de Atacama

According to NASA, Moon Valley looks like Mars on Earth.

Moon Valley, in San Pedro de Atacama, is NASA’s favorite place to carry out expeditions since it is so similar to Mars.

Older than the Egyptian mummies, Visit the mummies of Chinchorro.

Discover the mummies of Chinchorro, the oldest ones in the world that are close to 8,000 years old.

Central area, Santiago and Valparaiso

Valleys nestled between the Andes and the ocean bring life to a land of flavors that will awake your senses.

Ir a Centro, Santiago y Valparaíso

Robinson Crusoe Island actually exists! Get to know it when you visit the Juan Fernandez Archipelago in Chile.

The Juan Fernandez Archipelago, declared Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, is a National Park found in the central area.

Discover the enormous Santiago Metropolitan Park at the heart of the city!


Santiago Metropolitan Park is one of the four largest urban parks in the world, with 730 hectares.

Rapa Nui

Enigmas and legends from an ancestral culture enrich the landscapes and tropical beaches at the naval of the world.

Ir a Rapa Nui

Explore one of the world’s largest cave systems on Easter Island.

Thanks to its underground lava tunnels, there are more than 7,000 meters of galleries under the island’s floor.

Rapa Nui

Visit three continents in just one country!

Chile is the only tricontinental country in Latin America, with territories in America, Antartica and Oceania.

The South, its Lakes and Volcanoes

A magical place with traditions full of wisdom, where the living ecosystem grows and develops at its own natural pace.

Ir a Sur, Lagos y Volcanes

Visit the open-air market that is open 365 days a year!

The market of Lota, city located in the south of Chile, actually opens every day of the year.

Discover the “hermetic” culture of Chiloé, there’s nothing like it in the world!

The people of Chiloé developed their own culture which revolves around the abundant elements on their island: wood, water, earth, religion and a complete universe of fantastical creatures.

Patagonia and Antarctica

Fjords and glaciers hidden among green landscapes that give way to the horizon that disappears at the end of the world.

Ir a Patagonia y Antártica

Visit Puerto Williams, the southernmost town in the world!

Located on Navarino Island, on the southern tip of Patagonia, Puerto Williams is the southernmost administrative settlement in the world.

How to travel around Chile?

Learn about the airlines and direct routes that connect Chile to the rest of the world

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Lima - Santiago
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Bogotá - Santiago
Buenos Aires - Santiago
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Córdoba - Santiago
Mendoza - Santiago
Buenos Aires - Santiago
Buenos Aires - Santiago
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São Paulo - Santiago
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Río de Janeiro - Santiago
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Paris - Santiago
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Frankfurt - Santiago
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Mexico City - Santiago
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Miami - Santiago
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Nueva York - Santiago
Orlando - Santiago
Houston - Santiago
Toronto - Santiago
Auckland - Santiago
Auckland - Santiago
Amsterdam - Santiago
Milán - Santiago
Rome - Santiago
Panamá City - Santiago
La Paz - Iquique
La Paz - Iquique
Santa Cruz - Iquique
Guayaquil - Santiago
Montevideo - Santiago
Punta Cana - Santiago
Papeete - Isla de Pascua
Moscow - Santiago via Madrid
Moscow - Santiago via Paris
Moscow - Santiago via Rome
Tokyo - Santiago via Toronto
Tokyo - Santiago via Houston
Tokyo - Santiago via Dallas
Tokyo - Santiago via Rome
Tokyo - Santiago via Paris
Tokyo - Santiago via Atlanta
Seoul - Santiago via Dallas
Seoul - Santiago via Paris
Seoul - Santiago via Toronto
Seoul - Santiago via Rome
Johannesburg - Santiago via Sao Paulo
Beijing - Santiago via Dallas
Beijing - Santiago via Paris
Beijing - Santiago via Toronto
Beijing - Santiago via Amsterdam
Shangai - Santiago via Dallas
Shangai - Santiago via Paris
Shangai - Santiago vía Sydney
Shangai - Santiago vía Toronto
Hong Kong - Santiago via Dallas
Hong Kong - Santiago via Sydney
Hong Kong - Santiago via Toronto
Hong Kong - Santiago via Los Ángeles
Hong Kong - Santiago via New York
New Delhi - Santiago via Paris
Dubai - Santiago via Paris
Tel Aviv - Santiago via Paris
Tel Aviv - Santiago via Madrir
Tel Aviv - Santiago via Rome
London - Santiago via Sao Paulo
London - Santiago via Madrid
London - Santiago via Paris
London - Santiago