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The most romantic experiences that you could live in San Pedro de Atacama

The most romantic experiences that you could live in San Pedro de Atacama

By: Hernan Claro - 20 February, 2023

Romantic Experiences San Pedro

Do you want to get away with your partner? We will show you the best activity options in San Pedro de Atacama, in northern Chile, so that you can enjoy this amazing destination with the person you love.

To get to San Pedro, you can do it by airplane from Santiago to the city of Antofagasta and then continue your journey by land for 3 hours. You can also go in a more direct way from Calama airport.

San Pedro de Atacama was chosen as the World’s Most Romantic Destination in the World Travel Awards 2022, and if you visit it, you will realize why.

Date under the stars

Every night there are astronomical tours with an explanation of constellations and high-end telescopes, except on nights when there is a full moon, since the light will not allow for a good appreciation of the constellations.

The astronomical observations are made almost 10 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama to find clearer skies and to get away from any light pollution. This experience lasts roughly 2 and a half hours and includes talks about the Andean world view, observation of planets, and other celestial bodies.

If you are looking for a romantic date on a wonderful starry night, you know where to go! Remember that you must take out tourist services registered at Sernatur.

Astronomical tours that are held in San Pedro de Atacama usually last more than 2 hours.

Connect with nature in the lagoons of Baltinache

One of the unforgettable experiences in San Pedro is going to the hidden lagoons of Baltinache, a perfect place to visit with your partner.

There are 7 saltwater lagoons, of different sizes, that will surely amaze you with the turquoise of their waters, which contrast with the whitish color of the land full of mineral salts.

Next, you can visit vineyards that grow in the middle of the aridity of the Atacama Desert and allow for the elaboration of wine at 2,400 meters above sea level.

Remember to move carefully on the road to Baltinache, since you can find puddles and slippery paths.

The lagoons of Baltinache are a perfect place to relax and observe the natural environment. Photography: Sernatur.

Cejar lagoon is another must-see in the Antofagasta region

Cejar lagoon in San Pedro de Atacama is known for its saline waters that allow you to float without making any type of effort. You can do it by yourself or with the person you love the most!

Most tourism companies do daily excursions to the Cejar lagoon, located 19 kilometers away from San Pedro. This emerald lagoon contains high levels of salt and lithium.

Remember to book online at Moreover, this destination is subject to closure due to weather conditions.

Remember to follow all the instructions of guides and tour operators to avoid accidents.


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