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Foto: Universidad Glacier Photo: Universidad Glacier Photo: Universidad Glacier Photo: Universidad Glacier

Alto Colchagua Universidad Glacier 

The Universidad Glacier is in the upper part of the Tinguiririca river. It is one of the largest in the country where you can reach the summit of Palomo volcano at 4,860 meters above sea level. The challenge is to cross the 12 km long glacier mass! This is a landscape that combines rock, ice, wind and sun, and you will be surprised at every step. We recommend you to hire the service of registered adventure tourism agencies so that your expedition has the security measures. 

Nevada ligera
-4°C / 1°C
Alto Colchagua Universidad Glacier 
Nevada ligera

Prob. de precipitaciones: 2%Humedad: 35% Viento: a 10 km/h.
  • VIE
  • SAB
  • DOM
  • LUN
  • MAR
  • MIER
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