The South, its Lakes and Volcanoes

A sudden cloudburst and a heavy shower pass as quickly as they began, and the sky is soon an intense, deep blue once more. Breathe in the earthy, humid scents of the forest and meet some of the warmest, friendliest people on earth. Welcome to the south of Chile! Discover its singular beauty and the unique living heritage of its original peoples.

Without a doubt, the Mapuche culture is a fundamental element in the central Chilean heartland. Experience some of the indigenous traditions when you sleep in a ruca and feast on typical regional dishes.

Ski through ancient native forests, and take the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries at one of the many natural spas to be found in these breathtaking landscapes.

Practice your favorite water sports in southern Chile’s countless lakes and rivers. Enjoy a day’s fishing or simply explore and observe the extraordinary flora and fauna of our nature reserves and national parks. If you’re an adventurer at heart, head for Pucón on the shores of Lake Villarrica for adrenaline-filled white-water rafting, hydrospeed or canyoning!

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Adventure and Sports

If you're an adrenaline junkie, or thrill to the sight of a spectacular landscape after a long wilderness trek, then Chile's definitely the place for you! Ski down Chile’s mountains and volcanoes, or go for its many water sports - including scuba diving, surfing, kayaking[...]

Cruises and Sailing

Do you dream of a truly unique journey, enjoying spectacular scenery in comfort fit for a king? Then join a cruise ship to see some of Chile’s finest scenic attractions and revel in the singular delights of South America’s southernmost coastline. Travel in style on[...]


Chile’s cultural roots are as diverse as its landscapes, and have shaped the uniquely Chilean identity. Spend time with the indigenous peoples and experience their traditions! Discover unique archaeological relics and explore the country’s history in its many museums. Immerse yourself in the ways of[...]


Chile’s territory combines over 4,000 kilometers of wind-blown, ocean-swept coastline, the immense, mineral-rich northern desert, the majestic peaks of the Andes range, with thousands of active volcanoes strung along its length, and the hushed mystique of the southern evergreen forests. Come and experience the full[...]


Warm sunshine, sea and sand; what better ingredients for a fabulous holiday? You’ll discover idyllic beaches ideal for sunbathing, as well as more dramatic shores, many offering fantastic opportunities for water sports and nautical activities on over 4,000 kilometers of Chilean coast. Visit the north[...]

Hot Springs and Well-being

Picture yourself floating in clear, natural hot springs, listening to soft rainfall on the lush forest all around you. This is the scene that awaits you in Chile. There are more than 270 hot springs throughout Chile, many located in rich, verdant landscapes or nestling[...]

Urban Life

Bustling nightlife, modern shopping malls, stunning textiles and mouth-watering Chilean food. You’ll find all these and much more in Chile’s lively cities. Come and explore them! If you like fashion and design, visit the exclusive boutiques on Santiago's most elegant streets. For those who like[...]

Wine and Fine Food

Throughout your travels in Chile, you’ll enjoy an irresistible combination of mouth-watering seafood, fabulous produce from the fertile land and sophisticated cuisine, together with the perfect wine pairings to captivate your senses. Discover the multi-layered flavors of Chilean cuisine; a rich mix of time-honored traditions[...]


Experience a journey to the stars in Chile! Observe constellations, planets, shooting stars and all manner of celestial bodies in the spectacular Chilean skies - the clearest in the entire southern hemisphere. Chile enjoys more than 300 clear days per year and with little or[...]

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Las Trancas Valley

Be amazed by the stunning beauty of this small Andean town. Here you can hike, bike, climb or ride horseback among rivers, waterfalls, cliffs and magic forests. And if you come during the winter, you can take advantage of the[...]

Adventure and Sports
Hot Springs and Well-being

Villarrica Volcano

One of the most active volcanoes in Latin America, this has become an adventure wonderland thanks to its beautiful landscape and the large number of glaciers that have made it famous. You can climb by foot to the crater of[...]

Adventure and Sports

Huilo Huilo

This reserve is famous for its exuberant waterfalls of over 50 meters in height and its rainforest, home to a large variety of flora and fauna, unique around the world. Discover the more than 250 km of paths that surround[...]

Adventure and Sports

Bueno River and Ranco Lake

Naturally crystal-clear, the Ranco Lake invites you to gaze upon it from each and every possible angle and perspective. Take the traditional tour around the lake and do all kinds of water sports. Follow the paths that surround the lake[...]

Adventure and Sports

Islets of Puñihuil

This is the only place in the world where Humboldt and Magallanic penguins live together. You can take sea tours around the islets, see them firsthand and take pictures of whales, otters, ducks and cormorants. Get to know the coastal[...]

Adventure and Sports


Located among hills and an exuberant vegetation, this city invites you take a walk, try its seafood restaurants, visit its arts and crafts shops and be taken away by the colorful “palafitos” (houses built on stilts) along its promenade, a[...]

Adventure and Sports






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