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Winter 2023: What to do and what to see in Chile

Winter 2023: What to do and what to see in Chile

By: Hernan Claro - 3 July, 2023

winter 2023 Chile

When the temperature begins to drop, winter plans begin to appear as an option to enjoy the cold and what the season gives us.

That is why at Chile Travel we leave you with some options for lovers of snow, beach, hot springs and much more.

Ski at the border

A winter plan that opens its doors to novice and expert skiers is the Portillo Ski Center. It is located in the high peaks of Los Andes, just past the Los Libertadores border between Chile and Argentina. Thanks to its multilingual trainers, people of all levels and nationalities can take part in this adventure and learn to enjoy what the snowy mountain has to offer.

For the more experienced skiers, you will find ski slopes as challenging and entertaining as your imagination. Moreover, what is even better, from the heights you will be delighted by a beautiful view of the Laguna Del Inca and unique mountain landscapes to explore on your skis.

Skier at Ski Portillo Center. Photo: @skiportillo

Valparaíso Region and its vineyards

A remarkable point of Ski Portillo is that it is only 135 km from Viña del Mar, a city with an endless number of nightlife activities, from restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. You could enjoy the white slopes of Portillo on the same day and then head to the Chilean coast to enjoy the sea air, food, dancing, and music.

Continuing with the plans near the places already mentioned is the Aconcagua Valley Wine Route. Between the city of Los Andes, at the foot of the border crossing, and Viña del Mar, there are fertile fields that give rise to numerous vineyards. They are a perfect opportunity to appreciate the nature of the Valle de Aconcagua, tasting some tremendous wines, and at the same time, learning about viticulture.

Errazuriz Vineyard in winter. Photo: @Errazurizwines

Winter Plans in southern Chile

Going a little further to the south of Chile is the Vicente Pérez Rosales border crossing, also known as “Peso Peulla”, which separates Argentina from Chile. The closest Argentine city to the border crossing is Bariloche, and the closest Chilean province to the crossing is Los Lagos Region, where all the charming towns around the beautiful Lake Llanquihue are located.

Once you cross the border crossing to the Chilean side, you will begin to travel a road full of vegetation, lakes, volcanoes, national parks, and lots of fun. It is highly recommended to dive into the cities of Frutillar, Puerto Varas or Ensenada. You will be surprised with the winter plans they offer, such as hot springs, canopy, visits to Salto Del Petrohué, among others.

Minutes away from Puerto Varas is Terma Aremko, with incredible cottages to stay in, hot water tubs, and spectacular massages to relax. Best of all, it is surrounded by nature, ideal for oxygenation and lung cleansing.

If you are looking for another type of activity, you can choose to fly between the valleys, gliding on canopy. Canopy Chile, located in Las Cascadas, very close to Puerto Varas, is considered among the three largest in South America, where you can reach a speed of 60 km per hour and a height of 90 meters if you jump.

You will feel the adrenaline of crossing a forest, with a beautiful view of the Osorno Volcano and Llanquihue Lake. You can also appreciate the birds that cross the road, and some wild animals in the area.

Canopy Chile, Ensenada. Photo: @canopy_chile

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