Pucón and Villarrica

Are you foodie and an outdoor enthusiast? Then Pucón will suit you down to the ground. The perfect combination of a thriving gastronomic scene and stunning landscapes. Mouth-watering, cosmopolitan menus showcasing the best of indigenous Mapuche cuisine and indulgent German dessert and patisserie traditions.

Get ready to fill your days with fun: choose from among the many restaurants, markets and craft fairs, or take your chances in one of the lakeside town’s elegant casinos. Take a break and relax in one of the region’s delightful spas, where the warm and healing waters will invigorate your body and rejuvenate your senses.

Satisfy your sporty side with rafting, canopying, canyoning and trekking amidst the area’s breathtaking volcanoes, rivers and lakes. And if you crave yet more adrenaline, why not show off your snowboarding skills on the steep slopes of the nearby snow-capped mountains?

Visit some of the area’s fine National Parks and enjoy profound silence in the ancient araucaria forests, broken only by birdsong. Lie patiently in wait to photograph the native wildlife; we guarantee you will fall in love with unique species such as the impossibly cute Colocolo opossum and the endearing pudu (the world’s smallest deer).

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Descubre los atractivos de Pucón and Villarrica

Pucon Ski Resort

Go skiing and snowboarding on the slopes of the Villarrica Volcano and enjoy the sight of five lakes in the south of Chile from the summit. Visit this ski resort located just 20 minutes from Pucón, which has become snowboard[...]

Conguillío National Park

Come and see a landscape that will take you back to prehistoric times. Millennial araucarias and volcanic material can be found among the forests right in the heart of the park, many of them untouched and ancient. Its 60,000 hectares[...]

Huerquehue National Park

In the middle of the mountains, where hills and gorges enclose several crystal-clear lakes and lagoons set among the araucarias, you'll find the Huerquehue National Park. When walking along its trails, you'll come across several lagoons inside the park such[...]

Villarrica – Hualalafquén National Reserve

Trails that run through magnificient untouched araucaria forests where several kinds of wild species live; snow-covered mountains that protect beautiful lagoons and the caldera of an ancient volcano, which hides an amazing glacier, are the natural attractions of the Villarrica[...]

Villarrica National Park

63,000 hectares with extensive forests full of araucarias and native species create a woody area where several species of animals that you won't find anywhere else live. They will turn your journey through the park into a unique experience. The[...]

Villarrica Volcano

One of the most active volcanoes in Latin America, this has become an adventure wonderland thanks to its beautiful landscape and the large number of glaciers that have made it famous. You can climb by foot to the crater of[...]

Adventure and Sports


Around the Nevados de Sollpulli volcano you’ll find one of the wildest and most overwhelming landscapes in the area. And you can visit it using paths that run under thick rainforest that, at 1,400 meters above sea level, become a[...]

Adventure and Sports

Lican Ray

This little town set on the northern shore of the Calafquén Lake is internationally famous for its beach and for being a sport fishing spot. Here, you can camp in the middle of forests and mountains and enjoy clear water[...]

Adventure and Sports
Hot Springs and Well-being


Get your adrenaline level up while going kayaking or rafting on the Trancura River in this place that is synonymous with adventure and nature. The river snakes through valleys and canyons with rapids of differing degrees of difficulty, making this[...]


Arauco Territory

Let your imagination run free and feel a special connection with mother nature in the Arauco territory. Its rich Mapuche cosmovision is still practiced both inside their "rukas" (native huts) and the ancient araucaria forests that surround it. You'll be[...]

Puerto Varas

With a great choice of open-air adventures, distinctive Chilean-German traditions, and a truly stunning natural setting, it is no wonder many visitors to southern Chile make a bee-line for Puerto Varas, an enchanting town with a sweeping lakeside promenade and[...]

Andean Araucanía

A destination without limits, where adventure, nature, and leisure seem to blend together seamlessly: this is what the Andean Araucanía has to offer. Travel lightly and get ready to put your senses to the test! The wide selection of activities[...]

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