Easter Island

Culture, adventure and a paradise destination to rest are just a part of what awaits you on Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Come discover its intriguing moai and the authentic spirit of this culture still present in its people!

Visit the Rapa Nui National Park or tepito or tehenua, declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Rest on its pink, sandy beaches and discover its volcanoes and prairies on your bike, on horseback or by foot. Find the most absolute silence in the island’s caverns, explore the ocean flora and fauna diving in its warm waters or go surfing on its waves.

Soak up the rapa nui culture by interacting with its people. Get to know their language and amazing food. Fall in love with their exotic dances, music and Polynesian clothing.

If you are looking for an intense cultural experience, visit the island for the Tapati festival that happens every February. There you’ll experience the typical traditions of the rapa nui people, like painting your body as their ancestors did and enjoying some amazing competitions.

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In the language of the rapa nui, the island is called tepito or tehenua, which means the Naval of the World.
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Enjoy the warm, calm and turquoise waters of this beach, with white coral sand and palm trees, set in the foreground of the two Ahus and their Moai. A unique landscape you can't miss. Enjoy the sun and swim by[...]

Wine and Fine Food


53 houses built with flat stones make up this ceremonial village, that hides rocks with petroglyphs that symbolize fertility: the birdman Tangata Manu and the Make Make, the main divinity for the Rapa Nui culture. To get here, you must[...]


Hanga Roa

There are hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs in Hanga Roa, the focal point of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) life. You can walk around town and enjoy the never-ending company of the sea breeze. Get lost in its little streets and[...]

Adventure and Sports
Wine and Fine Food

Rano Raraku

Come see the silent spectators of Rapa Nui's past: the world famous moai, giant sculptures made of compacted volcanic ash. There are more than 1,000 of them all around the island and 400 of them can be found at the[...]

Adventure and Sports

Rano Kau

Discover the largest volcanic crater on Rapa Nui (Easter Island)! The spectacular eruption of Rano Kau, over two and a half million years ago, was one of the three that gave life to this magical island located in the middle[...]



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20 Awe-Inspiring Ruins From the World's Greatest Civilizations


Most of the Moai statues were carved at the Rano Raraku quarry on the east of the island, but it's unclear how they were transported and pla

Exploring Chile

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This quote really reflects what I felt while exploring Chile, this magnificent and picturesque country.


" Anakena Beach, Rapa Nui, Pacifica •
Seemed like a good enough place to stop and take a rest.
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Rapa Nui Rapture: Hello Paradise!


When I left on my RTW trip, my mother had one main worry and request: that I please, please don’t decide to stay in New Zealand or Australia

Moái isla de pascua

Moái isla de pascua


Easter Island - Chile