General Carrera Lake

Picture yourself sailing through the very heart of Patagonia on turquoise waters rippled by the constant breezes. Come aboard and discover the splendor of Chile’s largest lake! This body of water shared by two countries reaches the town of Chile Chico on its southern shore, an oasis with a temperate climate and thriving agriculture. It also offers a direct route to reach Argentina.

Embarking at the Port of Río Tranquilo, head first to the incredible Marble Chapel Nature Sanctuary to visit its network of caves, especially the famous ‘Chapel’ and ‘Cathedral’ caverns. Get ready to kayak through the many tunnels whose unique colors, textures and volumes make for an amazing photographic record. This natural wonder is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Chilean Patagonia.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll enjoy sport fishing, horse riding or trekking to see the fantastic flora and fauna on the shores of this great lake. In need of a proper rest? Relax and recharge your batteries at one of the luxurious lodges in the area, where you’ll enjoy first-rate accommodation and scrumptious food.


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Lake General Carrera is the second-largest lake in South America and is shared by Chile and Argentina.

Discover the attractions of General Carrera Lake

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