Elqui Valley

Are you a nature enthusiast looking for a different kind of break? Why not explore the beautiful Elqui Valley? Visit one of Chile’s most important valleys where the production of wines like the Syrah and Carmenere stands out.

Discover its vineyard-filled slopes and visit charming small towns where agriculture and tourism meet. See Vicuña, birthplace of the poet and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Gabriela Mistral, and sample some of the region’s typical food in one of its sophisticated restaurants or quaint local eateries.

For an ‘intoxicating’ sensory experience, visit one of the pisco distilleries to learn how this distinctive grape spirit is made, take part in a tasting session and buy pisco to enjoy at home.

For those who love sports and adventure, the valley offers trekking routes, horse riding, cycle paths and off-road 4 x 4 tours.

Do you need to completely relax and unwind? This part of Chile is widely renowned for its reputedly healing energies and many alternative therapies – including reiki, meditation and massages – are available.

After nightfall, enjoy a spectacular view of the stars: the Elqui Valley is the world’s first International Dark Sky Sanctuary.

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Discover the attractions of Elqui Valley


A town with a perfect climate, barely any humidity and amazingly clear skies, Vicuña has been crowned the capital of astronomical observation. Visit one of its five observatories and discover the mysteries of the universe during its night tours. If[...]



A paradise for nature lovers and those on a spiritual quest. Its impressive hills, green vines and crystal waters invite meditation. Relax, leave technology behind and just enjoy this valley and its abundant alternative therapies. Walk along its streets and[...]

Hot Springs and Well-being
Wine and Fine Food

Pisco Elqui

Located in the heart of the Elqui Valley in the middle of the scenic landscape of the Andes foothills, this small town is synonymous with leisure, relaxation and good drinks. Birthplace of the best hand-distilled piscos in the country, you[...]

Wine and Fine Food


Creative craftsmen breathe life into the traditional town of Diaguitas, known for its old manor houses which have a uniform building technique, pretty much unique in the Elqui Valley. Visit its old church, built in 1867 and get to know[...]

Wine and Fine Food

Falernia Vineyard

With four plantatations in different places of the Elqui Valley, their blends are an acclaimed mix of strong and fresh flavors that make their wines unique. Visit their vineyards of Carmenere and Syrah, see their cellars and end your journey[...]

Capel Pisco Distillery

The word “Pisco” comes from the Quechua language meaning “Bird,” and is an excellent definition for this brew produced in Chile that has a designation of origin. Founded more than 75 years ago, the Cooperativa Agrícola Pisquera Elqui Limitada has[...]

Aba Pisco Distillery

This family-run pisco distillery hand picks the grapes, ferments them at low temperatures and then distills them in copper receptacles to strike the perfect balance of aromas and alcoholic content, captivating followers with its taste and organic production. Take part[...]

Elqui Wines Vineyard

A vineyard with a limited production, but one with a great quality. Pioneering in the production of Malbec and Pinot Noir, with grapes that are 100% from the Elqui Valley and handled strictly with care. Visit it through their private[...]

Wine and Fine Food

Cavas del Valle Vineyard

Pioneer boutique vineyard in the heights of the Elqui Valley. You can't miss out on learning about the unique characteristics of this terroir, it is the largest winery in the north of Chile, the one at the highest altitude and[...]

El Molle

This town close to La Serena is a haven of leisure and baked goods, and a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth. Teatime here will become an obligatory part of your day, loaded with traditional goodies baked[...]

Astronomical Facilities
Indigenous peoples and ethno-tourism
Traditional Cuisine
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La Serena and Coquimbo

Enjoy the magic of the desert climate in the north and the closeness of the fertile land of the central valley, where grapes are grown to produce amazing wines and piscos, all around the towns of La Serena and Coquimbo.[...]


Do you love the feeling of the sun on your skin and the warm sun cradling you while you rest? Then, you must visit the city of eternal spring. Its good weather and warm water beaches invite you to enjoy[...]


Cancana Observatory

Friends of family astrotours, they do 2-hour long visits for groups of all ages. There must be at least 6 people and there is a maximum of 20. For star enthusiasts, it also has a spot for astrophotography and special observations that begin at 2am, with a reservation 48 hours beforehand.

Cielo Sur Observatory (Refugio La Frontera)

Touristic observatory focused on visitors who are after an intimate, personalized and family friendly experience. They have group tours of no more than 12 people that last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the interest and rhythm of the guests.

The tour can be done in Spanish, English or French and it begins with naked eye stargazing with the aid of laser pointers before moving on to observation using telescopes. Reservations have to be made 48 hours in advance.



El Pangue Observatory

The observatory offers several types of paid nighttime visits, which run from traditional 2-hour-long tours with specialized guides to booking whole nights for a more exclusive and personalized observation with Chile’s largest public telescope.




Mamalluca Observatory

Visitors are able to gain an understanding of the cosmos with the help of specialized guides at one of the most popular observatories of the Elqui Valley, and they end up learning about the constellations through telescopes installed in the observatory’s dome. Tours are recommended for children over the age of 5, and must be booked 48 hours in advance. They are offered at 4 different times daily during the summer and 3 during the winter, weather permitting.



Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory (AURA)

With an amazing appeal for both the scientific and academic world, this is a must for researchers. Tourists must book their visit a month in advance and it’s advisable not to go with children under 6.


Gemini-Sur Observatory

It has free tours done by specialized guides who teach the secrets of the universe to no more than 8 people.

Owner of an infrared optical telescope system that allows observing the sky of both hemispheres, this is one of the scientific locations that causes the most interest in star enthusiasts, so visits must be booked 2 months in advance and children younger than 16 must visit with an adult.

Elqui Domes

You can sleep while looking up at the stars in the clear sky of Pisco Elqui at this private observatory that mixes the comforts of a luxury hotel with the technological wonders of an observatory.

Tour the valley on foot or horseback to catch a glimpse of the stars with your naked eye while in the company of an expert guide who will teach you the name of each constellation. Do you prefer an indoor experience? You can also find air-conditioned rooms here where you can gaze at the wonders of the universe and take pictures of the constellations.

Contact Information: reservas@elquidomos.cl

Website: www.elquidomos.cl/

GOSH Observatory

The Great Sun Observatory of Chile (GOSH), the only one of its kind in South America, will grant you a one-of-a-kind experience allowing you to discover the unpredictable and changing activity of the Sun during the middle of the day.

Make sure to arrive prepared with dark glasses and a lot of sunscreen for these guided activities that show you where the stars hide out when we are taking in the Sun’s rays during the day. Enjoy this scientific activity while the rest of the astronomical centers in the area are closed.

Email address: astronomicasur@gmail.com

Website: http://www.goschile.blogspot.cl/

Aba Pisco Distillery

This family-run pisco distillery hand picks the grapes, ferments them at low temperatures and then distills them in copper receptacles to strike the perfect balance of aromas and alcoholic content, captivating followers with its taste and organic production.

Take part in the tours that take you through the vineyards and barrels installed in the heart of the Elqui Valley and enjoy the pisco tastings that we promise will make you a fan of pisco.

Contact Info: aa@piscoaba.cl

Website: http://www.pisquera-aba.cl/

Capel Pisco Distillery

The word “Pisco” comes from the Quechua language meaning “Bird,” and is an excellent definition for this brew produced in Chile that has a designation of origin.

Founded more than 75 years ago, the Cooperativa Agrícola Pisquera Elqui Limitada has been the primary producer of grape must in Chile, turning this brand into a true Chilean tradition that is synonymous with a great liqueur and even greater celebrations. Visit the Pisco Museum in the Elqui Valley and learn in first-person about the process for making this liqueur that wins over palates all over the world.

Contact Info: contacto@centroturisticocapel.cl

Website: www.piscocapel.cl

Bahía Inglesa

If you are looking for quiet beaches, white sand and turquoise waters to relax, this is the ideal place for you. Lay out your towel and rest, here you will feel so far from the world that you won't want to ever leave again. Enjoy coastal magic and the enormity of the surrounding desert, a truly unique spectacle. Pack your kite surf equipment, since its warm winds and nice temperatures make it an ideal spot for water sports. Planning a family trip? Visit the northern part of Bahía Inglesa where you'll find the so-called Pool Beach, surrounded by rocks that[...]

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San Pedro de Atacama

Ancient cultures and travelers from all over the world intermingle in this age-old town with dirt roads and adobe homes. In this starting point for an unforgettable trip you will discover the most stunning views on the planet amidst its endless beauty. Tour San Pedro de Atacama, the land of indigenous peoples! Visit the old plaza and learn about the customs of its residents. Give in to the slow pace of life here where it seems as if no one were in any hurry. Make sure to visit the old church. Take in all of the local art, and take[...]

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