Robinson Crusoe Island

Island of pirates and treasures, visiting it is going into the fantastic world of writer Daniel Defoe. Look everywhere for Friday, so he can guide you along the coastal cliffs, through the lush endemic vegetation and to the amazing sea monsters represented by the coveted lobsters of the Juan Fernández Archipelago.

Also known as Desert Island, as it hugs the Pacific with the most absolute loneliness, Robinson Crusoe is the ideal place if you want to get away from the world and enjoy a new level of connection with nature.

Swim in its crystal-clear waters, dive to the bottom and discover the rich underwater life. Enjoy diving in the company of the friendly South American fur seals, indigenous species of this Biosphere Reserve, a place that has inspired many legends.

Go kayaking, fishing and sailing. Test your physical stamina along the trekking paths that run through virtually untouched lands like the Centinela Hill, Puntas de Isla and Puerto Francés. End your day by tasting a typical seafood dish while on a “chalupa”, a boat that has a kitchenette onboard.

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When planning your trip, remember to withdraw money from the ATM while on the continent, as there are no banking services on the island and because the local shops are only for basics. For more information about accommodation, activities and ways to reach Robinson Crusoe Island, visit

Descubre los atractivos de Robinson Crusoe Island

Juan Fernández Archipelago National Park

Live an adventure straight out of a book and experience firsthand the adventures of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. This incredible story was born from sailor Alexander Selkirk’s experience and the four lonely years he spent on this uninhabited island. Enjoy[...]

Town of San Juan Bautista

Visit the town of San Juan Bautista, where most people from the Juan Fernandez Archipelago live. Here you'll find your starting point for entertaining excursions around Robinson Crusoe Island. Relive the experience of the pirate, Alexander Selkirk and don't miss[...]

Wine and Fine Food

Diving in the archipelago (Robinson Crusoe)

Known internationally as a diving destination, the Juan Fernández Archipelago is a place that all those who are fond of the ocean and its treasures will fall in love with. Its clear waters, diversity of sea life and scarce human[...]

Adventure and Sports

Fishing and food on the high seas (Robinson Crusoe)

Delicious Robinson Crusoe Lobsters, Juan Fernández Octopuses, sea urchins and fish like the yellowtail amberjack, grouper, common pandora or the butterfish will satisfy more than just your palate and stomach. Enjoy the wonderful food of this archipelago and please your[...]

Wine and Fine Food

Rancagua and Sewell

The countryside and the city mix at this destination, where Chilean history oozes from its fertile land. Visit the birthplace of Chilean heroes and where many battles for independence took place. A delight for sophisticated palates, you can't miss its[...]

Isla Negra

If you like poetry, come follow in the footsteps of Pablo Neruda. Just like the Nobel Prize winner for Literature did, fall in love with this coastal town, where the constant sound of the waves breaking over the rocks is[...]

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