People say that sleeping under the stars is one of the greatest pleasures in the universe. Try it and enjoy the dozens of ecological reserves, beaches and amazing landscapes where you can camp in Chile.

Set up your tent and relax admiring the beauty of the desert coastline in the Pan de Azúcar National Park. Do you want to get in touch with your inner self? The eco-friendly campsites of Cochiguaz set in the Elqui Valley, allow you to meditate right by the river and by clear water pools.

In the central area, unwind by listening to the waterfalls, looking out towards the imposing Andes and exploring the wide array of adventure sports at Cajón del Maipo. Or visit the La Campana National Park and take the opportunity to rest at one of its campsites.

Further south, Pucón and Lican Ray have become favorite destinations for campers during the summer. Their beautiful lakes and famous outdoor parties become a magnet for the younger tourist.

But it is at Cucao, in the Chiloé National Park where setting up your tent will become a mystical experience. There are more than 25 different campsites and enjoying its rich vegetation, calm waters and scenic beauty make this a must-see destination. Beware though, as the legends of Trauco and Pincoya will send chills down your spine when it’s time to tell stories around the campfire.

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