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Learn about the entry requirements to Chile and the special requirements to visit Rapa Nui Entering Chile Entering Rapa Nui

Updated the day 17 January, 2024

Requirements for entering Chile

At the time of embarking to Chile, the person must comply with the following:
  • Check if you need to obtain your Temporary Permit depending on the country of origin.
  • Process your Temporary Resident Visa on the Consular Services for residences of less than 90 days platform here
  • Check if there is any payment related to this process in the duty table
  • People who come from Australia require a specific E-visa that you can get here
  • Bring your hotel/accommodation reservation to be checked or the letter of invitation signed before a Public Notary in Chile.
  • Proof of economic resources through copies of bank accounts or another certificate that proves the possession of, at least, USD $ 46 for every day of residence in Chile.
  • Show a passport or ID, as appropriate.
  • Go to for more information.


Mandatory requirements to enter Rapa Nui:

  • Get your ticket to tour the Rapa Nui National Park online here
  • You cannot enter honey products
  • Avoid touching or feeding marine fauna, especially turtles, on Rapa Nui.

Frequently asked questions

Frequentlyasked questions

Entering Chile
Do I need to show vaccination certificates against COVID-19?

As of May 9th, the Protected Borders Plan is no longer in effect. This means that the request for a PCR test and random tests in the entry to Chile are eliminated. A current vaccination certificate will not be required when entering Chile.

Which borders crossings can you enter Chile through?

Chile opened several of its border crossings for tourists, including Santiago, Iquique, Antofagasta, and Punta Arenas airports. You can check the terrestrial open border crossings here: at this link.

How and where will the minimum daily amount be checked?

The people who oversee this supervision are the authorities in charge of migratory control at airports, border controls, etc. (Policía de Investigaciones, mainly), and it will take place upon entry registration in the country.

Whom will the measure be applied to?

Every foreigner who enters the country as a holder of a temporary residence permit must prove before the control authority that they have the legal means for survival that allow for their stay in the country during the period of validity of their permit, as well as that of people subject to their dependency who accompany them.

Do I need to have cash or cards?

The way to prove the amount can be shown in different ways, including cash, a bank account statement, a credit card, etc.

Travel to Rapa Nui
What are the requirements to enter Rapa Nui?

Travelers shall have their Single Entry Form (FUI), their round-trip ticket, and a reservation at a tourist service registered in SERNATUR or an invitation letter from the Provincial Delegation.

Do I need a PCR test to enter Rapa Nui?


Can I come into the Rapa Nui if I do not have my complete vaccination schedule?


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