Requirements for entering Chile


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Requirements for foreigners non-resident entering Chile
  • Negative PCR test performed 72 hours before travelling. In flights with intermediate stops, this is considered from the last boarding.
  • Fill out the Traveler’s Sworn Statement electronically and up to 48 hours before boarding at www.c19.cl
  • Health insurance that covers benefits associated with COVID-19 during your stay, with a minimum coverage of USD $30,000
  • Self-reporting follow-up form via email for 14 days from entry into the country.





Between November 23 and December 7 anybody arriving from countries with community transmission of COVID 19 must go under a 14-day mandatory quarantine.

Requirements for Chileans or foreign residents returning to Chile
  • 14-day quarantine or negative PCR test performed 72 hours before travelling or PCR test performed in Chile under quarantine until results are available. In flights with intermediate stops, the 72 hours are considered from the last boarding.
  • Fill out Traveler’s Sworn Statement electronically and up to 48 hours before boarding at www.c19.cl
  • Self-reporting follow-up form via email for 14 days from entry into the country.




Travel recommendations

Keep in mind the following recommendations to make your stay in Chile safe.

  • Remember to comply with three requirements: a PCR taken 72 hours before boarding the plane, a mandatory health insurance that covers the benefits associated with COVID-19 and a Traveler’s Sworn Statement that must be completed at www.c19.cl
  • The use of reusable face masks and/or disposable face masks is mandatory throughout the country.
  • Find out about the status of the regions you want to visit here
  • There is currently a night curfew from midnight to 5:00 a.m. in Chile in case you need to apply for a safe pass upon arrival. Exceptionally, in some areas, the curfew schedule is different. Find out before you travel.

Step by step plan

Traveling is possible as long as all preventive measures are taken during your stay. Therefore, before you arrive to our country find out the stage your destination is currently at according to the Step-by-Step Plan.

Remember that it is only possible to travel from a district in phase 3 or higher to another district in phase 3 or higher. Do you want to travel throughout the south of our country or take advantage of the sun at the beaches of Coquimbo and Atacama? Remember that in order to travel between different regions you must fill out a sworn affidavit that you can find here

For those communes in phase 1 and 2, travel between regions is not allowed. It is recommended that you check the website www.visorterritorial.cl to confirm the Step that each commune or town is.

Following all these measures and recommendations, you will be able to travel to Chile safely. So, if Chile is in your plans, you can be sure that we are ready to welcome you, because we also have a plan: to make your trip to Chile a unique and safe one.

What documentation do I need to travel to Chile?

Travelers from abroad and travelers among regions must fill out the corresponding forms in the following link:



Check the details of the destinations in Chile according to 5 stages, or gradual steps, ranging from Quarantine to Advanced Opening.

Destinations that are in steps 3, 4 and 5, are enabled to accommodate tourists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Starting November 23rd, foreign tourists who meet the required health regulations can enter Chile, in addition to the already allowed entry for Chileans and foreigner residents into the domestic territory.
Tourism is not prohibited as an activity, but the borders are closed to foreigners not residing in the country.
Before travelling a Traveler Sworn Statement must filled out (available at www.c19.cl) since it is mandatory to submit it upon entering the country. -Non-resident foreigners in Chile must be in possession of a negative PCR test performed less than 72 hours before their flight starting from the last boarding in flights with stopovers. Test will be required at the point of origin and passengers who do not have the test will not be able to board. - Foreigners and Chileans residing in Chile that do not have a negative PCR test performed 72 hours before the flight will have to go under a mandatory 14-day quarantine from the date of entry into the country and have a PCR test done after arrival to the country.
It is a form that contains personal, recent trip, health status information of its holder for the last 14 days and the place where quarantine will take place. All the information is provided under a sworn statement. Each person entering the country must complete this form and in the case of those under the age of 18 the responsibility for the sworn statement is assumed by the parents or guardians. The form allows all those entering the country to remain under a 14-day period of traveler surveillance after entry. During said period, the health authorities may request, at any time, information about the trip and health status. It is for personal use, so completing the form and carrying receipt is the sole responsibility of the person involved. Receipt is received in the e-mail included in the same form. The health information is contained in the receipt’s QR which can only be read by Health personnel.
Entry of foreign tourists will only take place through the Arturo Merino Benítez airport. Land and ocean borders will remain closed until the country’s health status allows it. - Health Control: carried out by the Health Authorities and Traveler's Sworn Statement must be presented. If it cannot be completed electronically, it will be available in physical format (this could lengthen the Control process). This control is provisional due to the coronavirus pandemic Health Alert. - Migration Control: Carried out by the Civil Police (PDI) and travel documents such as identity cards, passports, and certificates of residence must be presented. This control is permanent, regardless of the pandemic.
All persons entering the country, regardless of their country of origin, must go under a mandatory 14-day quarantine from the date of entry and will remain in a traveler's surveillance period during this time. During this period, the health authority may request travel history and health status information at any time. Foreign tourists must go under a 14-day Traveler Tracking period after entering the domestic territory or until they leave. During said 14-day period, they must fill out a form to report symptoms and location through a health status questionnaire sent by the health authorities that travelers will receive on a daily basis via e-mail. Those entering the country through a region other than the destination may continue the trip within the first 24 hours after entering the country in public and private transportation, complying with health measures, wearing personal protection equipment (face mask), and with proof of their Traveler's Sworn Statement.
The 14-day quarantine must be done at a single address declared by the passenger, which must be informed in the Traveler's Sworn Statement and which may be visited by health personnel to monitor compliance.
If you can, as long as you have a negative PCR test or within the first 24 hours of entering the country.
Exemption will be issued only for Chilean and foreign residents under the following cases: - If the passenger stated in the “Traveler's Sworn Statement” that a PCR test was performed within 72 hours prior entering Chile and submits the laboratory report with a negative result performed by an approved laboratory in the country of origin, the person may enter Chile without going under a quarantine. However, the passenger will be kept under a traveler surveillance and may be contacted by the health authorities to check health status, trip, or PCR test information. The passenger is responsible for the veracity and validity of the test and may be subject to review in Chile. - If, having entered Chile and being in compliance with the 14-day quarantine, a PCR test is performed with negative results, the person will be exempted from the quarantine at the time of receiving the test’s negative results and must follow any other instruction issued by the health authorities. Regardless of the suspension of the quarantine, the person will remain under traveler surveillance for 14 days from the date of entering the country and may be contacted by the health authorities to request health status, trip or PCR test information.
No. In that case you must have a PCR test done at a Chilean laboratory.
It can be requested by health officials appointed by the health authorities, by Police, Civil Police (PDI), Armed Forces personnel, and operators of transportation companies.
If you do not have your Traveler’s Sworn Statement, you will not be able to enter Chile and the Health Authorities will require you to process it, which will delay your entry into the country.
The Traveler’s Sworn platform is already operating at www.c19.cl for international trips and must be obtained within 24 hours before you start your trip.


The new post-Covid-19 tourism will demand strict standards of hygiene and sanitation of spaces, therefore, the invitation is to adopt these recommendations and adopt a new travel culture

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