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Explore the historical center of Copiapó 

Update date: 31 August 2021

Fajardo Vineyard, Mineralogical Museum of Copiapó, Copayapu Brewery

3 days - 2 km
Recommended months for the visit: January - December
Difficulty level Low

Day 1

Visit the Fajardo Winery at the old agricultural district of Copiapó.  Here you will learn about Celestino Fajardo’s legacy, a local farmer who built by hand the renowned organic winery acclaimed by locals.  You will visit the vineyard’s surroundings in an entertaining tour that includes product tastings, and you can buy wine in bulk or bottled.

Labeled bottles can be purchased as an excellent gift presentation. 

Day 2

In the city’s historic center, you will find the Mineralogical Museum of Copiapó.  This site has one of the largest collections of minerals in the world, as well as exotic samples of luminescent minerals and meteorite fragments found in the Atacama Desert.  The museum sells minerals made by artisans to take as gifts or souvenirs.

The museum is located on the corner of Colipi Street, Rodriguez #333, Copiapó. 

Day 3

The route through Copiapó’s downtown continues with the next stop at the Copayapu Brewery.  The Copiapó Valley produces entirely from Chañar (a sweet fruit native to Atacama) a wide range of flavors such as lager, porter, and amber.  The Copayapu Brewery is two blocks from the Main Square and one block from the Mineralogical Museum located on Infante and Chacabuco streets.

There are also varieties of beer such as Mandarin, Mango, and Peach.  Not to be missed recipes from the Copayapu Brewery. 

Plan your perfect trip
  • The urban center of Copiapó can be explored by foot with specific stops to enjoy each experience. 
  • Remember to have your documents at hand and it is also advisable to carry cash. 
  • The Alameda Quarter is known for its nightlife, bars, and restaurants that light up the northern nights. 
  • The Kactus restaurant includes theater plays activities and the Jacarandá Bar includes Stand Up Comedy. 
Transportation options
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