Coquimo is a direct gateway to the wonders of the universe and its skies have been featured as the clearest and cleanest on the continent. Camp out in the Elqui Valley where the stars seem to be shining just for you and where the universe unveils all of its mysteries.

Are you a fan of the world of science? Visit the wide selection of observatories and learn about the technology used to discover new planets and galaxies. Embrace the nature here that is full of contrasts and tour the bountiful valleys extending from the mountains to the sea.

Put your senses on alert while tasting juicy fruit, where papayas are the undisputed king of all fruits, and the cuisine includes the very finest from the sea. The wines and spirits are the premium products here. Visit the town of Pisco Elqui and fall in love with pisco, a popular liqueur that we promise will cheer up your day.

Take full advantage of the beaches and the miles of coast in this region for a well-deserved rest on the seashore. Lay down your towel on the clear sands of La Serena or visit the Humboldt Penguin National Park and tour the islands that are rich in biodiversity.


Discover the attractions of Coquimbo

El Molle

This town close to La Serena is a haven of leisure and baked goods, and a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth. Teatime here will become an obligatory part of your day, loaded with traditional goodies baked[...]

Astronomical Facilities
Indigenous peoples and ethno-tourism
Traditional Cuisine


This is a favorite destination among sun-lovers. Year-round pleasant temperatures in this area endow the fruit with a flavor and ripeness that is unforgettable for the palate. Try the papayas and chirimoyas. Their sweetness will sweep you off your feet![...]

Hot Springs and Well-being

Pisco Elqui

Located in the heart of the Elqui Valley in the middle of the scenic landscape of the Andes foothills, this small town is synonymous with leisure, relaxation and good drinks. Birthplace of the best hand-distilled piscos in the country, you[...]

Wine and Fine Food


Creative craftsmen breathe life into the traditional town of Diaguitas, known for its old manor houses which have a uniform building technique, pretty much unique in the Elqui Valley. Visit its old church, built in 1867 and get to know[...]

Wine and Fine Food

Fray Jorge National Park

Visit an amazing natural phenomenon. A forest that grows in the middle of a coastal desert area, more than 1,250 km from its normal habitat. A true testimony of what the Atacama Desert was like over 30,000 years ago. Visit[...]

Caleta San Pedro

The Caleta San Pedro, a local food spot, is located close to La Serena. It brings together a select group of 10 restaurants, experts in the preparation of seafood based dishes. Don’t miss out on specialties like the crab pie,[...]

Wine and Fine Food