Cajón del Maipo

Synonymous of adventure and sports, Santiago’s largest natural area gives people a break from their busy urban life. Put on your sneakers and get ready for an adrenaline shot while climbing its boulders, diving into its brooks or exploring its paleontological sites.

The Maipo River, which flows from the foot of the Andes, is the source of the energy that runs through the village. Go bungee-jumping, feel the speed while rafting or test your strength along its canyoning routes.

If you are more into intimate experiences connected to nature, then horseback riding, fly fishing or enjoying a picnic by its crystal-clear ponds will leave you smiling.

Try out the local food in the small shops along the road and be ready to lick your fingers with its mud-oven baked empanadas, handmade bread rolls and homegrown dried fruits. If your tooth is asking for sweeter things, its tea rooms are famous for their handmade chocolate and manjar covered pastries.


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Several craftsmen sell their products at Cajón del Maipo. If you like souvenirs, make sure you carry cash to buy them. For more details of the activities and accommodations available at this destination, visit (only available in Spanish).

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