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Nature, adrenaline and unforgettable memories are part of what Chile has to offer to travelers enjoying their vacation with their families. Let your imagination fly and enjoy each new experience to the fullest!

Be amazed by the beauty of the condor and the fierceness of the puma at the Metropolitan Zoo. It´s the country’s main zoo and is located on San Cristobal Hill in Santiago. If you want to be in closer contact with the animals go to the Granja Aventura on the outskirts of the capital or to the Safari Park in Rancagua, you’ll be able to feed the cute little lambs or climb on a fitted-out jeep to be surrounded by a pride of wild lions.

Amusement parks are also colorful places for adrenaline junkies and to have fun with your family. In Santiago, the best place to go is Fantasilandia, with rollercoasters that defy gravity and a Haunted House that will give you goosebumps.

Take your family to the Artequin Museum and learn about international painting and sculptures with a didactic twist or discover how fun science can be at the Mirador Interactive Museum (MIM).

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