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Chile is called the country of poets. Witness this while following in the footsteps of its Literature Nobel Prize winners and enjoy the rich oral tradition, popular narrative and sharp pen of street artists that receive spontaneous applause.

At the Elqui Valley, let yourself be charmed by the verses of Poet laureate Gabriela Mistral. Visit her family´s home, which was made into a museum named after her in the town of Vicuña, where you will find some of her works and personal belongings.

In the central area, discover the so-called coast of the poets to feel the great influence of Pablo Neruda. Let yourself be taken in by his beautiful craziness and visit his Museum Homes of Isla Negra and La Sebastiana in Valparaiso. In Santiago, a must-see is his home, La Chascona in the Bellavista District. In Temuco, you’ll get to know the more intimate part of his history, which evokes his childhood at his family´s home and of the influence he received in the neighborhood where he grew up.

On the magical islands of the Chiloé archipelago you can relive some of the best-sellers of writer Isabel Allende and discover why her characters travel to the Big Island to get over their miseries. If we talk about artists, the song-writer and poet, Violeta Parra is another character you can’t miss. Take part in the guided tours of her museum and cultural center in Santiago to learn more about her love for national folklore.

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Valpo to its locals, Valparaiso to the masses. and a mouthful for tourists to pronounce (here goes nothing “Valpar-aa-eeee-so”)… Whatever you choose to call it, you’re guaranteed to come away agreeing Valpariso is a beautiful, vibrant mess.

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