Discover the history, art and interesting collections of the museums in Chile. Get to know the life of great characters, artists, memorable events, the evolution of species, of science and much more. Walk through large manors or modern buildings with displays full of invaluable memories and artifacts.

Soak up the Chinchorro culture and the world’s oldest mummies at the San Miguel de Azapa Archaeological and Anthropological Museum. Visit the National History Museum and learn more about colonial times and about the country’s independence process. And at more modern buildings, enjoy visiting the Pre-Columbian Museum and the Museum of Memory and Human Rights.

What about some Chilean art? Be transported to the main art galleries of the world while taking a tour through the hallways of the National Museum of Fine Arts in the Lastarria district in Santiago, an amazing 1910 building that holds works by Chilean artists such as Roberto Matta and Claudio Bravo among others.

Breathe in the fresh air among the vineyards of the Colchagua Valley and discover the Colchagua Museum, which has an amazing museography and a collection of carriages, jewelry, clothing and trains that will surprise you. And a bit further south, while visiting the Arauco Territory, relive Mapuche culture and soak up its traditions at the Cañete Mapuche Museum.

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"Location: Colorful Valparaíso, Chile.
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Valpo to its locals, Valparaiso to the masses. and a mouthful for tourists to pronounce (here goes nothing “Valpar-aa-eeee-so”)… Whatever you choose to call it, you’re guaranteed to come away agreeing Valpariso is a beautiful, vibrant mess.

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