Known as the “naval of the world”, located in the middle of the huge Pacific Ocean, the enigmatic Moai welcomes you by the sea in the magical Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and can not wait to show you the interesting island culture.

Relive the origins of Chile’s indigenous peoples and enjoy the wonderful petroglyphs engraved on rocks and the giant geoglyphs on the hillsides of Chile’s north. Take a bike ride around San Pedro de Atacama and discover the Pucará de Quitor. The Chug Chug geoglyphs one of the most important geoglyphs in Chile.

And if we talk about ancient wisdom, prepare to be amazed at the Chinchorro culture in Arica. Their mummies, product of an artificial mummification process, date back to 5,000 BC. Don’t miss the opportunity to see them; they are the oldest mummies in the world!

In the capital, Santiago, open your eyes and cultivate your wisdom at the Visual Arts and Archaeology Museums located at the heart of the Lastarria District. With an interesting collection of Diaguita, San Pedro and Molle pottery, as well as Mapuche jewelry, they welcome you every day.

If you’re hungry for more, the south of Chile has a well-kept secret in store for you. The Monte Verde archaeological site, close to Puerto Montt, is the oldest human settlement on the continent, dating back more than 33,000 years. You must see it!

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