Aysén Patagonia

Aysén Patagonia is an area located in the far south of Chile that is characterized by its rich nature and adventure tourism offer. Visitors can find a great diversity of landscapes and climates, from the Patagonian pampas, to Andean-Patagonian evergreen forests, as well as lakes, rivers and fjords boasting the purest water in the world and thousand-year icebergs.

The Carretera Austral (Chile’s Route 7) is the Patagonian scenic route and the best way to travel the region. This 800-km route invites you to discover the unexplored and unique lands, communities and cultural heritage of southern Chile.

Aysén offers more than 280 rooms for business tourism, and conference rooms with a capacity of up to 350.

Guest Capacity

350 delegados


280 habitaciones

Aysén Patagonia Convention Bureau

Contact: Alexis Villarroel
Email: aysenbureau@gmail.com
Phone: +56 9 9811 8018