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Learn more about the ten Biosphere Reserves in Chile

The Biosphere Reserves are protected areas part of UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme, that seeks to establish a scientific base to improve[...]
ruta de las estrellas, astroturismo

Chile celebrates its prominent southern skies

Concerts, stargazing, documentaries about the universe, informative talks, workshops and a variety of other initiatives are part of the activities[...]
Viña Miguel Torres

Chile celebrates its festival of wine

The natural characteristics of Chile, its geographic and climactic diversity and a mix of different soil types, afforded our country[...]
Turistas en torres del paine

Record tourism boom skyrocket´s Chile´s numbers in 2016

International tourist arrivals to Chile reached a historic high last year with 5.64 million visitors in 2016. According to data[...]
Parque Karukinka

Karukinka, the natural reserve at world´s end

One of Chile´s largest islands at 29.484 km2, Tierra del Fuego (or “Land of Fire”) remains one of the least-changed[...]

You can´t miss these Chilean wines!

Nature blessed Chile with a privileged geography and such a diverse climate that it is perfect for the development of[...]