Ski Arpa

For those of you who are true fans of the snow or just want to live exciting new experiences, not too far from Santiago you can reach a one-of-a-kind ski center called Ski Arpa, the only ski center in Chile and South America where skiers can do free-style snowcat Skiing.

Don’t you just love that feeling of being completely free? This ski center in the Andes mountains makes you feel this way, as it offers many slopes of all-natural fresh snow on 4,000 acres of rideable terrain. You will not find another experience like this in Chile or South America!

Ski Arpa is located 108 kilometers (67 miles) from Santiago, and has one of the most impressive views of the Aconcagua mount, the highest peak of the Americas and one of the highest in the world! Stuck high in the Andes, the Arpa Valley offers snowy peaks season after season.

This ski center was created by Austrian Anton Toni Sponar, a man who has spent an entire lifetime on the snow. He now spends his northern winters in Aspen, Colorado, and his southern winters in Chile. He and his son, Anton, together take care of mountain operations.

This is ski center is recommended only for expert skiers. It has two skiable valleys: Valle el Arpa and Valle la Honda, which offer 3,000-foot vertical descents (1,000 meters). One of its main attractions is that Ski Arpa strictly uses natural snow, no snow-making, no prepared slopes. The center is open between June and October, depending on snow and weather conditions and snowfall may reach 5 meters of snow.

If you also enjoy backcountry skiing, Ski Arpa has a shelter and a hostel with limited spaces, so, plan your trip with enough time, and come enjoy the best adventure in your pass through the Andes.