Viña Vik Vineyard

The Valley of Millahue is located at the foot of three hills, Los Mineros, La Higuera and Medio, a spot better known as the “Gold location” (as it was called by the Mapuche people). It’s an extensive green meadow stuck amidst gorges and surrounded by peumo and quillaye trees. This was the spot where a Norwegian businessman, Alexander Vik, bought nearly 4,000 hectares to fulfil his dream of producing some of the best wines in the world and give birth to the luxurious Viña Vik Vineyard.

The businessman had explored more than 100 fields in Latin America and when he found this valley, his search was over, it was the perfect place to carry out his dream of creating a premium brand, a sustainable vineyard, a luxurious project.

The idea was ambitious because it contemplated not only producing the best wines at Viña Vik Vineyards, but also combining the art of winery with sustainability as fundamental business pillars, in efforts to protect the environment. In this regard, its wine cellars use natural light and eco-friendly bottling to generate the least amount of CO2 emissions as possible.

Viña Vik has also created a very nice restaurant overlooking the mountains of the Millahue valley, where the cuisine is marked by its seasonality, cooking with organic products and fresh produce from their own garden. In addition, they have a luxury hotel, designed with avant-garde and extravagant elements related to the arts, which grant an exceptional experience.

At the basis of this project is the combined use of technology and science, which allow the production of wines that are expressed as works of art, and bonded to the beauty of nature. This visual scheme has attracted significant attention from several national and international media, who want this secret in the heart and center of Chile to be known: Viña Vik Vineyard.