Wine Tours

“I like wine, because wine is good, and if it’s Chilean, even better!” Thus declared Tito Fernandez – El Temucano – one of Chile’s best-loved folk singers. See if you agree on a visit to one of the many wine-producing valleys in the country to sample a few of their acclaimed vintages. Come and experience the intense flavors of Chile!

Start by tasting the cool-climate white wines grown in the coastal areas. See the astonishingly beautiful Casablanca valley, where a wide array of grape varieties dapples the landscape in varying shades.

Explore the numerous vineyards of the central valleys, taste their wines directly from the barrel and rediscover the colorful carménère, a grape variety once thought to be extinct. Learn more about the elaboration of each wine from the enologists themselves.

Prepare to be bowled over by the robust Cabernet Sauvignon reds of the Colchagua Valley and the surrounding area. These famed winery valleys will seduce the most discerning palates with their sophisticated wines. Round off your journey in the boutique vineyards of the south, whose dazzling, innovative blends will awaken your taste buds to a whole new world of wine!

Discover the vineyards that you can visit

Cavas del Valle Vineyard

Pioneer boutique vineyard in the heights of the Elqui Valley. You can’t miss out on learning about the unique characteristics of this terroir, it is the largest winery in the north of Chile, the one at the highest altitude and with a semi-desertic climate that allows developing the full potential of the Syrah and Moscatel grapes.

Enjoy yourself while you taste their wines in their laid back tours, where they work under an open-door policy so there’s no need to make reservations.




Falernia Vineyard

With four plantatations in different places of the Elqui Valley, their blends are an acclaimed mix of strong and fresh flavors that make their wines unique. Visit their vineyards of Carmenere and Syrah, see their cellars and end your journey by trying their reserve blends.

To visit them, you must make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance, respecting the norms of an intimate tour which allows a maximum of 8 people at a time.



Elqui Wines Vineyard

A vineyard with a limited production, but one with a great quality. Pioneering in the production of Malbec and Pinot Noir, with grapes that are 100% from the Elqui Valley and handled strictly with care.

Visit it through their private tours, which are done with prior reservation. Get to know the aging process of their wines in barrels brought from France, America and Hungary, which gives their blends a unique touch.



Tabali Vineyard

Vineyard committed to the preparation of unique wines, which are a true reflection of the character and terroir of the Limari Valley.

Visit their cellars and be amazed by the engravings that reflect the influence of the Molle culture in their processes, as well as a massive mural that portrays the enchanted valley located a few meters from the estate.




Casa Tamaya Vineyard

Tamaya means “High Lookout” in the Diaguita language, an indigenous culture that lived in the Limari Valley, where the vineyard is now located. Visit it and discover the valuable Pre-Colombian archaeological remains hidden in its more than 160 hectares.

Take a walk around their plantations, which aside from grapes also include citrus fruits, avocados and olives. Try their delicious reds and whites and enjoy their pisco, the only ultra-Premium one in Chile.

San Esteban Vineyard

Visit this vineyard, pioneer of growing grapes on rocky soils with partial sun exposure. Their result, a delicious fruit both to eat and to make wine, with amazing character and structure.

Be part of the fun trekking circuits and guided tours around the vineyard and to surrounding areas to see the petroglyphs. Venture to be part of their wine harvesting or have fun on your bike around the plantations. Visiting the manor is quite an experience.



Mendoza Vineyard

Visit this vineyard that preserves and respects the old wine-making traditions. Try their mature wine, chicha and grape liquor, that come from community grape harvests, where the mud oven takes center stage when it comes to preparing the dishes that will accompany your wine.

Enjoy their attractions and the dynamic tours around their cellars and plantations, where you can feel the love for the terroir in each one of the enology-related activities.





Viña Errázuriz

Con una historia que data de 1870, se ha transformado en un viñedo de clase mundial. Recorre su casa patronal y disfruta de la hermosa vista de sus viñedos, mientras te regaloneas con una copa de sus premiados vinos premium.

¿Quieres conocer más de su historia? Únete a sus tours personalizados donde un enólogo de la viña te muestra las cavas subterráneas, sus plantaciones y te enseña a maridar algunos de vinos iconos.



Emiliana Vineyard

With vineyards in 5 different valleys throughout Chile, their wines are a great mix of flavors. Amaze your senses tasting their organic wines, which have been prize winners around the world.

Visit their vineyards where you can interact with the typical animals of the area and even have romantic picnics. Pretend to be an enologist, prepare your own wine blends with the help of experts. As a result, you’ll get a delicious personal blend that you can take with you as a souvenir.



Matetic Vineyard

A producer of Premium wines with 100% organic grapes, harvested under strict environmental care, you can’t miss out on visiting their vineyards and the amazing natural surroundings.

Spoil yourself at the restaurant Equilibrio, where they achieve a perfect balance between the dishes made with local products and the wine chosen for each one of them. Visit the plantations on horseback or bicycle and end your day by toasting with one of their blends on the warm terraces.



Loma Larga Vineyard

With limited top quality production, their grapes are manually picked at night or at dawn. These are characteristics you’ll notice immediately in your mouth, given the fresh tones and amazing aromatic potential of their wines.

Horseback riding, trekking, biking or taking a ride on a helicopter above their vineyards, a visit here will always be a memorable experience that ends with a tasting of their blends.



Quintay Vineyard

Relatively new boutique vineyard, but one that is already internationally acknowledged. Try their acclaimed Premium and Super Premium Sauvignon Blanc, which will feel like an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

Be a part of the many wine tourism activities they have prepared for their guests, among which the direct tasting from the wine barrels and romantic nighttime walks through their vineyard stand out.


Limari Valley

Known as Chile’s green north, the Limari Valley is an oasis of natural beauty and amazing landscapes. Get to know the renowned white wine production and its delicious tropical fruits, like the papaya, iconic produce of the area.

A must here is to take the Limari Wine Tour, which combines visits to important export wineries where you will see the processes, manufacturing and distribution of this delicious product as well as part of this place’s history.

The area’s vineyards are famous for their Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet varieties. You can also take the opportunity to learn more about pisco production, a grape spirit that is quite important for Chile. Enjoy the different activities available in the Limari Valley!


Aconcagua Valley

With mature flavors and a big personality, wines from the Aconcagua Valley in Chile are part of the country’s traditional countryside life.

Set in the valleys of Chile’s central area, the land and the weather give life to top quality varieties that are exported to different parts of the world.

The conditions present in the valley allow the numerous vines and vineyards to have a slow but constant maturing, guaranteeing in this way, flavors that are more mature and fuller bodied.

Complete with a high quality wine tourism experience, if you like good wine then the Aconcagua Valley is one of your musts when visiting the central area of Chile.


Casablanca Valley

Known around the world for its immense wine production, come and enjoy the best flavors of Chile in the Casablanca Valley, sitting between the coastal mountains and the Pacific in the valleys of Chile’s central area.

This fertile valley is characterized by the refined preparation of white wine in its Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. There is a glass of white wine waiting for you in the many wineries that fill the beautiful vineyards of Chile’s central valley with flavor not to be missed.

And if you are in the Casablanca Valley, don’t forget to pair the wine with the most sophisticated local food in any of the area’s many restaurants. A true festival for your senses!


Kingston Vineyard

Pioneer in the introduction of fresh climate reds, their specialty is the production of Pinot Noir, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc. Enjoy one of their blends on the terraces of their vineyards that look out over the amazing Casablanca Valley.

Be part of their tours led by enologists from the vineyard, get to know more about their sustainable work and relax at a country-style luncheon accompanied by their strong wines.



El Cuadro Vineyard

Visiting the ranch where the vineyards are is a unique wine tourism experience. You can visit the vineyards on a horsedrawn carriage, walk around their gardens, which have different grape varieties, visit the wine museum, taste their blends and enjoy a typical countryside welcome.

Be a part of this colorful touristic concept that aims to show the wine production traditions to all the family. Visit it with your kids, here the little ones will find story-tellers and activities prepared especially for them.



Mar Vineyard

Specializing in sparkling wines, you must try their bubbly bottles made with grapes that were permanently exposed to the sun and manually harvested which give their wines a distinctive seal.

Visit their vineyards and see firsthand the entire process of making their wines and sparkling wines. End your visit at their restaurant serving typical food and take your time to try…



Casa del Vino Vineyard

Visiting this wine tourism center is enjoying a three-course visit. Enjoy the elegant dishes from their experimental restaurant, shop around their gourmet store and visit the didactic winery where the Tirazis, a Syrah from the Casablanca Valley is produced.

In this last stop, learn from expert enologists about the entire wine production process and end your adventure with a seductive glass of wine. This is a pleasure that can also be guided by a sommelier in a quick blend tasting.



Catrala Vineyard

Set inside the La Campana Biosphere Reserve, they have a unique biodiversity which is reflected in the strong character of their wines. Try one of their limited edition and international prize winning wines.

Their tours include a walk through the vineyards and the surrounding area. Enjoy the native flora, hearty countryside lunches and wine tastings.


Veramonte Vineyard

Its local architecture pays homage to Santiago’s Central Market and its eclectic wine making design enables the production of smaller batches of wine. Try their blends and spirits, which will for sure be a one of a kind experience.

Surrounded by native forests, take the time to enjoy their beautiful reservoir, home to more than 24 species of birds. In the middle of this wonder, you can taste their different wines, macerated with handmade chocolate.



Indomita Vineyard

Be amazed by the incredible view of the Casablanca Valley from their manor. Visit their acclaimed barrel room built inside a hill on high ground with a naturally controlled climate, something which guarantees a one of a kind quality and flavor for the wines.

Ambassadors of wine tourism, they invite you to visit the vineyards with nice horseback rides, trekking or walking in groups, tasting different wine blends on their terraces and taking part in the grape harvest in March and April.



Casas del Bosque Vineyard

Expert in the production of cold weather varieties, they harvest the grapes of their white wines only at night. Pamper yourself and try the robust and unforgettable flavor of their Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnary, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Syrah varieties.

Take a walk around the vineyard with your family, you can have picnics, enjoy the playgrounds and spoil yourself with a private tasting of their blends.



William Cole Vineyard

Concerned with contributing to sustainability and the environment they use state-of-the-art technology to create their wines. Try their novel creations among which an exotic Pinot Noir stands out.

Visit their vineyards and cellars on guided tours and enjoy a good meal, as well as the love for wine at their rural barbecues accompanied by their sophisticated blends.


San Antonio/Leyda Valley

Famous for their Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. This valley is characterized by its cold weather and moderate rainfall which gives the grapes that grow in this fertile and beautiful land, particular characteristics.

With unique traits like a natural landscape of countryside and ocean breeze, in the Leyda Valley the new and refreshing flavors, combined with fertile soils and coastal temperatures prevail. Toast to your health in one of the most special valleys of the central area.



Casa Marín Vineyard

Located on a unique and privileged terroir close to the ocean, they produce strong and healthy grapes that create iconic wines. Give yourself a feast tasting the renowned Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc varieties.

Enjoy their great touristic experiences, which allow you to be part of the creation of this drink. Start by picking and harvesting your grapes, give a hand to the enologist at the barrel winery and end your experience by tasting the blend.




Pirque and Maipo Valley

Located close to Santiago, the Maipo Valley is expansive land. Come and taste the wines from the Cabernet Sauvignon variety, which stand out among the best in the country.

Visit this valley’s different vineyards, which offer exciting tours that include bike rides, wine-tasting and exquisite cuisine.

Don’t hesitate at all, if you want to taste some of the best wines in the world, just a few kilometers from the capital, the Maipo Valley awaits you with several activities that are well worth doing.


Huelquén Vineyard

With vineyards located at the foot of the Andes and 100% organic management, here they produce fine wines with an eco-friendly twist. Taste them while you enjoy the blessing of mother nature.

Join their interesting touristic route. With personalized guides, you can visit the vineyards and the barrels. Feel right at home at their manor where you can drink the wine directly from the cask.


Tarapaca Vineyard

An example of Chile’s wine-making culture, visiting its Tuscan style manor is a must for wine enthusiasts. Make a toast with one of their consistent bottles when you arrive and get ready for a journey of elegance and sophistication.

Walk around their plantations, enjoy wine tasting paired with local dishes and, if you want to go further, take private wine tasting classes with the expert enologist of the vineyard.


Undurraga Vineyard

Feel like a true socialite and enjoy a glass of sparkling wine from this venue which carries in each bubble the best of the Chilean wine-making valleys.

Take one of their tours which will transport you on a pleasant journey through over 130 years of history through their vineyards and extensive gardens surrounded by native trees and statues with Mapuche symbology, which give the experience a mystical touch.



Perez Cruz Vineyard

Dive into the Inca philosophy and try the red wines of this vineyard. Rested in native wooden cellars that imitate indigenous constructions, they provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Learn more about the wine making processes and taste their wines on the private tours that the vineyard offers that are a personalized experience of their vineyards and cellars.



Santa Rita Vineyard

Try the perfect blend of experienced technology and vines growing on different terroirs when you try the wines of this vineyard. This is a sublime experience for your palate that leaves the sweet flavor of purity and high quality of their grapes in your mouth.

Take a tour through Chile’s cultural heritage on their tours which invite you to visit the Wine Museum and taste their iconic wines together with elaborate dishes from Chilean gastronomy at the manor that used to belong to Paula Jaraquemada, and is now a restaurant.



Miraflores Vineyard

Their organic wine, which during its growing stage and harvesting promotes the least human intervention possible, invites you to enjoy its unique characteristics that are nice on the palate.

Visit their colonial estate that belonged to the son of the Chilean politician Diego Portales, where you can try house wines accompanied by meat empanadas or local cheese boards.



Haras de Pirque Vineyard

If your two greatest passions are fine wines and horses, you’ll feel in seventh heaven at this vineyard that creates award winning blends from organic vines under the strict measurement of their carbon footprint.

Visit their magnificent wine cellar built in the shape of a horseshoe and taste the iconic wines of their brand. Leave the world behind as you admire the beautiful landscape around the vineyard from their terrace.



Odjfell Vineyard

Visit this organic vineyard and learn more about the sustainable wine-making processes, which includes horses in the growing stage. Try their elaborate blends and admire the beauty of the horses brought from Norway that help naturally compact the soil of the vineyards.

Enjoy their tours as they are a unique experience to connect with nature. Relax on their terraces and be part of an intimate tasting of their best blends.



La Montaña Vineyard

Boutique vineyard that challenges your senses with tastings of unique blends mixed with walks on interpretative tours of the native flora, followed by cable riding expeditions, picnics and outdoor barbecues.

Unforgettable wine production trail that privileges personalized service to small groups of visitors at their cozy rustic cabin, where aside from the wines you can try locally brewed beers.



De Martino Vineyard

This is the first vineyard in Latin America to have a zero carbon footprint and is renowned for the respect they pay to nature. Enjoy their organic, powerful and full bodied wines.

Try their export Carmenere and be part of the grape harvest they hold during March and April. Become an enologist for a few hours and make your own blends. At the winery, they will allow you to label your bottle manually and to take it home as a souvenir.


Concha y Toro Vineyard

Visit this legendary vineyard and see the Casillero del Diablo cellar where not only are the wines kept under strict care, but there are also old legends that will leave the visitors spooked.

Walk around the 19th century manor and take a quiet stroll through its gardens. Rest on its terraces and enjoy the beautiful view with one of their international prize winning wines.



Chocalán Vineyard

Known for the sustainable production of their wines and their corporate social responsibility, try their blends that create a special emotional connection with their consumers, which translates to a lasting loyalty.

Discover the four different tours through their vineyards. In each one enjoy good food and fine chocolates paired with their drinks, ideal to taste with your significant other.



Cousiño Macul Vineyard

Gain a deeper knowledge of the wine production process when you visit this vineyard that maintains the tradition of producing, the fermentation and bottling of their own drink. Visit its legendary 1870s winery and discover why this is known as the most efficient cellar in the world.

Try their iconic wines while you walk around the vineyard under the guidance of an expert guide and feel how the wine relaxes your body.



Aquitania Vineyard

Small French style ranch. Try their limited edition wines whose high quality will captivate you with the intense red color of their fruits and the softness of their tannins.

Be part of their tours that will show you step-by-step the creation of their drinks, and that also allow you to participate in the manual labeling process of their bottles. Take one as a souvenir as it will be the best gift you’ll have from this experience.


AlmaViva Winery

Visit this winery that achieves a perfect mix between climate and Chilean terroir with French wine production techniques. Try its amazing mix and feel the elegance of their international prize-winning wines in your mouth.

Participate in their private tours and the privileged tasting of their latest harvests in an intimate environment, the reason why they request a reservation at least 48 hours in advance.


Cachapoal Valley

Enjoy the texture, colors and flavor of the Cachapoal Valley. The high temperatures of the summer and the heavy rain in the winter are perfect ingredients for an exquisite red wine, the specialty of this area which will win over your palate.

You can take several guided tours through important wineries that produce excellent wines, especially the emblematic French variety which was reborn in Chile, the Carmenere. Some tours even include horseback rides, outdoor barbecues and mountain biking.



Anakena Vineyard

Boutique vineyard that invites you to discover the flavors of the new world with hints of elegance and sophistication. Make a toast with their powerful reds, which reflect Chile’s potential as a world-class wine producer.

Leave daily stress behind and visit this vineyard. Either on horse or on a bike, its beautiful sights and country luncheons are a natural remedy for stress.



Colchagua Valley

One of the country’s most famous valleys, the Colchagua Valley, set at the heart of the central valley, is the icon of wine production in Chile. There are several wineries in the valley that offer tours with amazing wine tasting.

The Santa Cruz Vineyard is one of the most emblematic in the area. A cable car takes you to the top of the Chamán Hill where you can see constellations at the observatory of the same name.

You can also visit the automobile museum and learn about the different periods of Chilean history visiting the thematic museum. If you like fine dining, good wine and culture, then Colchagua is your ideal destination.


Santa Cruz Vineyard

Right in the middle of a magical setting, this vineyard provides an unforgettable experience for the palate and the soul. Enjoy their organic wines prepared with premium grade grapes harvested using sustainable practices.

Be a part of the adventure of visiting their amazing tourist attractions, which include trekking up the Chaman Hill, nighttime visits to the astronomical center of the same name and wine tasting under the stars.




Las Niñas Vineyard

Set in a small horseshoe shaped valley, which enriches their vineyards that are planted on clay soil mixed with volcanic rocks. Taste their blends of a unique consistency and toast with their Syrah, Sauvignon Blanc and premium “Tacon Alto”.

Explore their vineyards, take your bike around their hills and have a picnic by the reservoir. When the sun sets, visit the cellars where you’ll see how its semi-transparent facade gets a life of its own and lights up at night.



Viu Manent Vineyard

With extensive and beautiful gardens which follow the colonial architecture, this vineyard offers a wide-range of options. Try their delicate wines, have lunch at the local restaurant or take horseback riding classes in the middle of their plantations.

Under the concept of creating wines that respect the environment and their family tradition, you have to try their blends that have their own seal and strong roots to their lands, facts that have made them well known in over 40 countries.

Vik Vineyard

Explore this vineyard or “place of gold” located among the gorges with small micro-climates which enjoy the coastal breeze and have a drip watering system.

Get to know the perfect fusion between man, experience, land, climate and state-of-the-art technology and enjoy activities such as horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking and amazing food to pair with world-class wines.


Lapostolle Clos Apalta Vineyard

Discover how gravity plays a crucial role in the careful creation of the wines produced by this vineyard and be amazed by the wonderful landscape where wine production and design are combined.

The tour takes a little more than an hour and you’ll be able to learn about the wine production process and end the tour with a wine tasting. You can’t miss it!

Montgras Vineyard

With a rural environment and high-end equipment, live a unique moment learning more about wine through your experience and with your senses.

Be part of the grape harvest, make your own wine, participate in blind tastings, learn to pair wine and food and take a horseback ride with your family and friends.


Casa Silva Vineyard

Visit one of the most traditional vineyards in the Colchagua Valley, with a beautiful historic manor and the oldest winery in the area. The vineyard has a boutique hotel, a restaurant and a polo pitch.

Enjoy their wine tasting tours, take a carriage around the plantation or be amazed by a Chilean rodeo show.


Los Vascos Vineyard

Praised worldwide for their old French vines, taste their powerful Cabernets together with a honey and olive oil tasting that they also produce. The experience will be hard to forget.

Close to Pichilemu, discover their innovative cultivation system, which includes their own weather station and tours around their cellars where you can drink the vineyards latest creations.



Curico Valley

With relatively cold winters and hot summers, in March this valley invites you to experience Chile’s largest grape harvesting festival. The so-called Curico Valley Wine Tour is famous and you can visit the large variety of wineries presented in this warm and welcoming site.

Look down at the vineyards from amazing lookouts, taste famous and prestigious wines in underground century-old cellars and visit large manors with great family traditions in the Curico Valley.

If you want to complement your visit with more activities, really close to this area you can visit the Siete Tazas National Reserve, where you can do several sports and enjoy trekking and camping with your friends and family.


Miguel Torres Vineyard

With their more than 2,000 French oak barrels, visiting their vineyards is going deep into the Chilean wine production tradition and the history of the Torres family.

Be part of a wine tasting together with an elaborate pairing of cheese and chocolate which is the ideal activity for those who love fine dining. Visit the laboratories and their aging cellars. After the visit, their wines will taste better in your mouth.



Echeverria Vineyard

Known for their grape production born out of the best French varieties, trying their top quality wines is a privilege. Take one of their bottles and see for yourself why they are so coveted around the world.

Visit their ranch located in Molina and enjoy long walks around their vineyards and didactic wine tasting led by an enologist from the vineyard.



Millaman Vineyard

Its name, which in Mapuche means “Golden Condor” reflects the connection between their wines and the land they come from. Try their export blends that mix uncommon varities like Zinfandel, Syrah, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Visit the manor and enjoy the perfect combination between traditions and modernity just like they do with their wine production.

Alta Cima Vineyard

Give in to the pleasures of food and enjoy premium wine tasting in this vineyard, with wines like the Carmenere, Syrah, Merlot, Late Harvest and Cabernet Sauvignon, together with a delicate culinary service.

Be part of their tours led by the vineyard’s own enologist. Visit the cellars and lookouts and toast to a good harvest at the family house of this small wine-producing company.



Maule Valley

A valley with a great passion for wine that can be seen in every corner, that is Maule Valley. Enjoy the endless variety of vineyards dotted around these lands that welcome you with attractive tourism experiences.

Be amazed by the fun tours that these deeply family-rooted vineyards have, as well as others that mix the use of hi-tech with boutiques and Chilean traditions.

High-end luxury services like wine-therapy and olive oil tasting are just some of the alternatives that will keep you busy during your visit to the valley.








Gonzalez Bastias Vineyard

Take your time and quietly enjoy this vineyard. Visit their famous adobe winery where both red and white wines are preserved. Admire their clay vessels, which have more than 400 years of history and soak up their traditions by tasting some of the legendary blends.

Enjoy boat rides, group walks and outdoor rural barbecues, accompanied by house wines. It’s advisable to make reservations ahead of time and to avoid going during July and August due to the weather conditions.



Via Wines Vineyard

Enjoy the scenic beauty of this vineyard. With grape plantations that surround the Maule Lagoon and the amazing Descabezado Volcano in the background, this is an unforgettable spectacle.

Visit and try their beloved Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Merlot while you walk around the vineyards and make a toast in the tours guided by specialists.


Gillmore State Vineyard

Visit this family-owned vineyard set up on the Tabonko Estate. Visit their vineyards and see the manual extraction and grape handling processes, which respect local traditions and create an independent wine that will steal your palate.

Enjoy their variety of touristic experiences, which includes a zoo, extensive parks and a lodge with a rural feel.


Balduzzi Vineyard

Focus on the production of premium organic wines, give yourself the pleasure of tasting the celebrated blends of their varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Carmenere and Merlot.

Pioneering in wine tourism in Chile, their guided tours are a thing to see. Visit their vineyards, barrel room, the beautiful park of their colonial manor and finish the day with a toast on their terraces with one of their brand’s iconic wines.


Itata Valley

There isn’t another wine producing landscape like this in Chile. The Itata Valley is a small treasure hidden in the south of Chile. Visit small holdings where vineyards appear between their pine trees. With a relatively new tour that is increasingly incorporating tourism, the Itata keeps the history of Chilean wine production in its vineyards.

Some of Chile’s most daring wines come from the Itata Valley, where small producers will show you artisanal wine producing processes. Pipeño is one of the best examples, which is sold by the jug and has become a national reference at specialized stores in cities like New York and Paris.


Männle Vineyard

This organic family vineyard, located in the Itata Valley is known for creating sweet wines with hints of raspberry and blueberry which are a true dessert for your palate. Try their wide array of varieties, which run from Cabernet Sauvignon to Gewürztraminer.

Join their guided tours through their oak paneled rooms where, accompanied by the enologist you can taste some of the best blends of the brand.

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Chillán Vineyard

Prepare to be surprised by this boutique vineyard, which works with 9 different varieties in the production of their wines and mixes French and American barrels. A crazy move that achieves particular white wines that you can’t but try and celebrate.

Join their tours, intimate in nature, which require a previous reservation; their enologists will teach you to differentiate the textures and flavors of each one of their drinks.




El Principal Vineyard

Spoil yourself and enjoy the limited edition wines of this vineyard. These are blends created with grapes that are hand-harvested under strict quality control, producing wines with a unique flavor.

Ride a horse or a bicycle, set up a picnic or try a rural barbecue; here, the visitor creates their own route through the vineyards, wineries and terraces always accompanied by an enologist who will help match each experience to a wine of the brand.





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