Tolhuaca National Park

Tolhuaca National Park is the perfect destination for those looking for beautiful excursions adorned by native flora. The park is located at the foothills of the Andes in the Araucania region of the south of Chile.

Its 6.474 hectares (15997 acres) bring together a spectacular display  of native fauna and attractions such as the Malleco River (which includes a 49 meter (160 ft) waterfall), the Malleco Lagoon and the Laguna Verde or Green Lagoon.

Among the trails to explore in Tolhuaca National Park is the Mesacura Meadow trail and the Lagunillas trail. Both are over 10 km (6.2 miles) long. It is necessary to go with a guide and to set aside at least one day for each trail in order to truly enjoy each one and the spectacular views this park has to offer.

The trail which leads to Laguna Verde is about 8kms (4.9 miles) long and can be done without a guide. The route to get to the trail is easy to access on a road which takes around an hour. Additionally, you can also visit Salto de la Culebra or the Snake Fall, a waterfall that stands out for its zig zag pattern.

Another option for a short trek is the Salto de Malleco or Malleco Fall trail which is 2 long kms (1.2 miles), to the entrance of the forests and the area around the Malleco Lagoon.

In Tolhuaca National Park there is also an abundance of fauna such as Coipos or beavers, Skunks, Opossum Monitos del Monte, Andean Foxes, Quiques or lesser grison, and an assortment of birds like Ducks, Bandurrias, Condors, Thrushes, Peregrin Falcons among others.

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