Ñuble National Reserve

Would you like to live a singular experience in central Chile? Ñuble National Reserve is a great alternative for those who love hiking between forests and mountains. It is located in the foothills of the Andes, 520 kilometers (323 miles) from Santiago and it is considered one of the most biologically diverse areas in Chile.

For those who love to spend time immersed in nature, Ñuble National Reserve is a remarkable sanctuary of nature, where many protected species, such as lenga, ñirre, lleuque and cypress forests live upon the mountain range. If you are lucky, you may spot animals such as the huemul deer, pumas and a large number of birds that come to feed.

The reserve stands out for having 12% of all the plant diversity in Chile, a green landscape with waterfalls, rivers and lagoons. This is why Ñuble National Reserve has enabled several trails, viewpoints and camping sites, in order to be completely explored!

If you want to rest, you can do it in the Peuco Hot Springs, that you will come across once you’ve crossed valleys with coirones, estuaries, slopes and forests. Here you can relax and enjoy a natural environment in the middle of the Andes.

Another way to experience Ñuble National Reserve is to take a horse ride, which can be hired in the Recinto área, where local guides can take you deep into the reserve.

Among the places you Must-see are the El Lobo (Wolf) Lagoon, Relbún estuary and the Polcura mountains.



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