Pali Aike National Park

Pali Aike National Park is an ideal spot for geology and volcanology lovers, among its major attractions is the extensive area covered in basaltic lava and cones of solidified lava which give the effect of a lunar landscape.

Located in the southernmost part of Chile, east of Punta Arenas on the frontier with Argentina, visiting this park is almost like walking through the so called “end of the world”.

A favorite among tourists looking to go trekking and see local flora and fauna on the cold Patagonian steppe. The Calafate tree, Murtilla shrubs also known as the Chilean guava and the Mata Negra (Meki) are some common plants found in these areas.

Guanacos are the most common mammal in Pali Aike National Park, there are also Rheas, foxes and an assortment of birds like the Queltehue (Southern lapwing) and the Bandurria. Normally, these animals are easy to see near Ana Lagoon.

Among the numerous attractions of the park is the famous Pali Aike Cave, declared a National Monument because of the finding of evidence of ancient inhabitants of the Chilean Magellan area.

Another special place for photography is the field of cones, resembling a lunar landscape with different colors that come from minerals in interesting rocky formations.

If you are travelling though Chilean Patagonia, you mustn’t miss Pali Aike National Park, a peculiar landscape, resembling another planet, spanning over 5 thousand hectares (12.355 acres).

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