Futangue Park

Futangue Park is known for being one of the best preserved examples of the Valdivian Forest, home to species such as the Lenga, Ñirre and Canelo Andino trees, which is why it is one of the world’s most important centers of biodiversity.

Futangue Park is located around Lake Ranco, in southern Chile, in a region with many lakes and volcanoes. This valley is quite remote and, until a few years ago, it was impenetrable, but today it is a privately owned National Park with 13,500 hectares.

With over 100 km (62 miles) of trails, it is one of the largest parks in Chile and has become the dream setting for nature lovers seeking to explore the wilderness of the Chilean Patagonian Andes. It is also an important center of conservation of typical Chilean fauna such as the Darwin’s Frog, one of the smallest and most adorable frogs in the world.

We invite you to discover Chile´s nature and live the many experiences that this territory can offer. Go around the park on a fun family ride, take a kayak trip on its rivers and lakes or practice trekking, or take a tour around its hills where you will have an unparalleled view of Chile’s river region.

If you are looking for a solo activity, fly- fishing in the lagoons and rivers of Futangue Park is one of the experiences that you cannot miss in order to start off the day in the best way possible.

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