Cerro Castillo National Park

Located south of Aysén, 40 miles from the city Coyhaique, one finds Cerro Castillo National Park, a national reserve that has an area of 143,502 hectares. The landscape is cold Patagonian steep and the Andean continental climate provide snow in the winter.

The Hanging Glacier here forms lagoons of turquoise colored water giving life to unbelievable landscapes, surrounded by forests and bushes of lenga, ñirre and calafate trees.

A perfect sanctuary for the timid Chilean deer known as huemul. When you visit, pay attention and you may be able to get a glimpse of some of these lovely creatures close to Portezuelo Ibañez, on the border of the Carretera Austral. From here one can take marvelous photographs of the majestic Cerro Castillo.

Other animals that roam Cerro Castillo National Park are the silent red foxes, pumas, guanacos and the Patagonian skunk called Chingue to name a few. But the reserve is outstanding not only for its fauna, but also for its trekking trails which have been rated as one of the most impressive in the world.

Additionally, one can take advantage of the park’s infrastructure which includes camping sites and excursions to the Cerro Castillo (2318 masl) and/or to Cerro Las Cuatro Cumbres (2273 masl). For those who love hiking, the trail that begins in Horquetas, and circles all the massif until reaching Laguna Cerro Castillo is something that can’t be missed.

Visit places close like Coyhaique, Puerto Ibáñez, and Villa Cerro Castillo and complete your journey to Aysén with an excursion to the beautiful al Cerro Castillo National Park.

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