Total Solar Eclipse 2019

Coquimbo and its sorroundings are known for the astronomic complexes on its lands, like the Tololo Observatory and a varied touristic observatories offer. The next July 2nd, this Chilean region will be the world epicentre of the Total Solar Eclipse 2019.

On this natural event, the Moon will cover the king star before 5 pm. The day will turn night for three minutes and we want to invite you all to marvel with this astronomic show.

Astronomic organizations from all over the world, specially from Europe and American, have made important investments on this area. In the following 10 years, Chile envisions to gather 70% of the world’s optic and infrared astronomic capacity and it will house the biggest telescope of the planet.

Surprise yoursefl with the sky, come enjoy the Eclipse in Chile!

Región de Coquimbo
July 2nd