Festival of the Virgin of La Tirana

Every year, in the town of La Tirana located some 72 km from Iquique, the Festival of the Virgin of La Tirana takes place. More than 250,000 people come to the town to be part of this celebration, which lasts a little over a week. But La Tirana is much more than just a religious celebration, it is a cultural exchange with Andean roots. Every year you can see the outfits that the troupes wear, you can listen to the music that floats into the air from the instruments and watch the dances they perform in its little streets. It is a tradition that is part-Indian, part-creole, part mestizo and part Afro-Chilean, mixing all these peoples that inhabited these areas in days gone by.

How to get there: From Iquique you can rent a car or take tours to reach Pozo Almonte, La Tirana and the surrounding areas.


La Tirana, Iquique
July 12-18
La Tirana, Pozo Almonte, Región de Tarapacá, Chile