Codpa Grape Harvest Festival

In May, in the Pintatani Wine Valley they hold the Grape Harvest Festival. Among the cacti and the melancholy of the pampa, its inhabitants celebrate the production of this artisanal liquor. Folkloric traditions, the crowning of the festival’s queen, games and typical local food invite you to celebrate the history of the first vines of this variety, unique in Chile. These were cultivated in the valley by the Spanish colonists and are still grown today with artisanal techniques that you can get to know during the celebration. Be a part of the picking and harvesting of the grapes to make the wine and then enjoy its unique flavor.

How to get there: Codpa is just 114 km from Arica and you can get there by bus or car taking route 5 to the south.


Codpa, Arica
Saturday, April 30th 2016
Codpa, Arica, Chile