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!Awww! The 9 most romantic places in Chile

By: Chile Travel | Date: 12 February, 2020 | In: Nature ,

Is there anything more romantic than watching the sunset with your sweetie on the beach? Or spending a few days relaxing in the woods? If you’re thinking about taking your first trip as a couple, or if you’re looking for an idyllic spot to spend your honeymoon, here we will tell you about the 9 most romantic places in Chile.

Because not only is our country the Best Adventure Tourism Destination in the World, we were also named the Best Green Destination in the World by the 2019 World Travel Awards, a testament to the immense beauty of our landscapes, which will get your imagination churning and bring out the die-hard romantic in you.

Grab your second half and read about the 10 most romantic places in Chile, ordered from north to south. Awww!


Imagen de dos parejas de turistas caminando por las playas de Iquique

Our first destination in the far north of Chile is Iquique, an ideal destination for a romantic getaway, thanks to the city’s attractions and its warm climate year-round. Your honeymoon is the perfect excuse to visit the Cavancha beach or venture out to the oasis of Pica, just 114 kilometers from the city.

There you’ll find hot springs up to 25°C, where you can enjoy an unforgettable outdoor swim surrounded by the extreme nature of the Atacama Desert. In the afternoon, take your honey by the hand and go for a stroll through the old Humberstone and Santa Laura saltpeter works, where you can soak in the impressive Northern pampa.

2.-San Pedro de Atacama

Imagen de dos amigas en el Valle de La Luna

A little further south, you’ll find the Most Romantic Destination in South America, according to the 2019 World Travel Awards, and the second spot on our ranking of couple travel destinations: San Pedro de Atacama and its desert sunsets, a place you’ll never forget.

In the middle of the so-called Salt Mountains, where the Andes meets the Atacama Desert, you’ll find this incredible landscape known as Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley), which may be the closest you’ll come to the moon’s surface. Rare rock formations and sand dunes intertwine with white layers of salt.

An oasis that offers couples a wide variety of landscapes for an idyllic getaway. The Cejar Lagoon, Puritama Hot Springs, a wide range of delicious restaurants and half-day bike rides make for a few romantic days with your sweetheart.

3.-Valle de Elqui

For couples that want to rekindle under the moonlight or metaphorically gift each other one of the stars in our Galaxy, Valle de Elqui is the ideal destination. Just a couple of hours from the city of La Serena, this valley has tourist observatories that offer nighttime tours to observe the universe with the naked eye.

You can also find extensive vineyards and wine routes that produce some of the best wines on earth for a romantic wine tasting. Or stay at one of the luxury hotels with unmatched offers for newlyweds or to celebrate your anniversary. Don’t miss their incredible offers!

4.-Rapa Nui

Imagen de los Moai de Rapa Nui

Another truly incredible place for a romantic getaway in Chile is Anakena Beach in Easter Island. One of most beautiful vacation spots on the island is the picture perfect image of a paradise destination. Its fine white sand, clear turquoise waters, soft waves and palm trees make it ideal for rest, relaxation and romance. Enjoy its temperate waters any time of the year, with average temperatures of 20ºC.


Further south, just 60 kilometers from the city of Osorno, you’ll find another of our top 10 romantic places in Chile:  Caleta Cóndor, a turquoise water paradise surrounded by native forest, nature and silence. The ideal place to connect as a couple, as you contemplate and let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the south of Chie

And if that weren’t enough, Caleta Cóndor is nestled among Pehuenche communities, who can teach you about their world view and invite you to try their traditional cuisine, making for an unforgettable experience for you and your loved one.


Imagen del puente de Frutillar en el sur de Chile

Frutillar, a quaint town along the coast of Lake Llanquihue near Puerto Varas, has become a great alternative for couple travel, especially for photography lovers.

Home to breathtaking views of the Osorno Volcano, delicious German baked goods, picturesque architecture and a tranquil beach along the lake, Frutillar offers a wealth of charm for couples looking for a romantic getaway and perfect pictures to remember the moment forever.

7.-Huilo Huilo

Another spot on the southern route is the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, a charming place with incredible natural landscapes and a wide range of activities, like hot springs and good restaurants. You can spot deer and wild boars as you cross wooden bridges, hike the Trail of Spirits or take a swim in the Fuy River.

It is also home to the only cable car ride in the south of Chile, which will carry you across unforgettable landscapes with your sweetheart by your side. The area has both campsites and luxury hotels, and is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts, who can tour the area completely on foot, bike or horse.

8.-Parque Nacional Queulat

The ninth spot on our list of the top 10 most romantic places in Chile is the Témpanos Lagoon glacier, located inside the Queulat National Park. One of the park’s walking trails takes you to a lookout point where you can view the Queulat hanging glacier in all of its splendor. This large ice mass is expected to continue shrinking until it is lost from sight behind the mountains. Visit now before it’s too late!

From Puyuhuapi, take Route 7 south 20km to the well-marked entrance to the Queulat National Park.

9.- Valdivia

Imagen de una pareja disfrutando en el muelle de Valdivia

And no list of couple travel destinations would be complete without mentioning Valdivia. It is one of the must-see cities in the south of Chile, surrounded by legends of pirates and hidden treasures. The Botanical Gardens, the River Market, the amazing Calle Calle River, the walk to Bahia de Corral and the Alerces Trail are just some of the many attractions to enjoy with your second half.

Valdivia is also famous for producing its world-famous handcrafted beer. So prepare to toast to your sweetheart with a delicious beer, as you enjoy the rich, green landscape known as the “Chilean Venice,” thanks to the town’s lovely canals.

We guarantee that whatever romantic destination you choose will offer unforgettable experiences and moments for you and your loved one, and the unique charm and energy of each of the places on our list will have you coming back for more.

Written by: Chile Travel

Chile Travel
A guide to discover extraordinary destinations from north to south of Chile, sharing information and important data with travelers that love its untamed nature, landscapes full of contrasts and, above all, the warmth of its people.

A guide to discover extraordinary destinations from north to south of Chile, sharing information and important data with travelers that love its untamed nature, landscapes full of contrasts and, above all, the warmth of its people.