Lake General Carrera and the Baker River

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If you drive four to five hours south from Coyhaique, you will reach General Carrera Lake, a 200-km long body of water with a surface area 978 km2. Part of the lake straddles the border with Argentina, and it is known as Lake Buenos Aires on the other side.

General Carrera Lake will be your faithful companion for over 100 kilometers as you travel the Carretera Austral, offering views of clear turquoise waters that roll gently with the wind which never stops blowing in this part of the world. After you reach Puerto Río Tranquilo, find time to visit Capilla de Mármol Natural Sanctuary, where the water has carved incredible formations into the marble that look like a chapel and a cathedral. As your boat takes you on this marvelous tour, you will be amazed by the sheer size, colors and textures of real marble tunnels that seem to float above the clear water of lake, which reflects the light that filters in from the opening. It is without a doubt a stunning, picture-perfect Patagonian moment.

General Carrera Lake flows into Lake Bertrand, where you will find the start of the famous Baker River. The area is ideal for fly fishing and rafting, or you can book exciting half-day fishing or rafting trips out of Puerto Bertrand, which offers a wide array of lodging options as well as great food.


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Pumalín – Futaleufú Cerro Castillo National Reserve
Villa O’Higgins – Tortel General Carrera Lake and Baker River
Exploradores Glacier



The Lake Circuit Kayaking Puerto Sánchez
A path takes you along the southern shore of the lake to the town of Chile Chico. From there, hop on a barge to Puerto Ingeniero Ibáñez. The trip takes about two and a half hours and reservations are required and should be made well in advance. You can tour the maze-like Capilla de Mármol Nature Sanctuary by boat or by kayak. If you’re interested in exploring this option, ask for more information in Puerto Río Tranquilo. This village is located north of General Carrera Lake at the crossroads that leads to Puerto Murta. You can reach Panichine Island, which is home to huge caverns, on foot.
Valle Exploradores The Two Rivers Chile Chico
The road from Puerto Río Tranquilo will take you to the valley and the Exploradores Glacier. This is one of the Carretera Austral’s least known routes. Once you’re there, you can take a short hike to a lookout, trek across the ice and even camp on the glacier. The Baker and Nef Rivers come together 17 km from Puerto Bertrand in a dazzling show of the power of nature. The area’s largest town has a population of 4,500 and is known for a micro-climate that allows for the cultivation of products that are more typical of the central region.


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