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Limarí – Fray Jorge National Park

Limarí offers the perfect backdrop for unforgettable tours, greeting guests with an endless variety of green hues bestowed on the area by the large fruit fields and vineyards. Tour the towns on bike where the gold pieces with lapis lazuli win over tourists with necklaces, rings, and souvenirs containing this semi-precious stone declared a national stone.

Let the untamable nature of the Fray Jorge National Park sweep you off your feet, the first South American reserve to have the Starlight certification, inviting visitors to come and gaze at skies free of pollution. Visit the Cruz del Sur Observatory, an astronomical experience that unveils the mysteries of the universe through observation domes that will leave you with your mouth wide open.

You can also find options for leisure here with the hot springs close to the sea. Dive into the warm mineral water and restore your energy. After this you can go windsurfing or kitesurfing on the artificial dams that add a little bit of beauty to this semi-desert climate.

*We regret to inform you that Fray Jorge National Park will be closed until the end of December 2017 due to repairs and maintenance of the park.

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Discover the attractions of Limarí – Fray Jorge National Park


This is a favorite destination among sun-lovers. Year-round pleasant temperatures in this area endow the fruit with a flavor and ripeness that is unforgettable for the palate. Try the papayas and chirimoyas. Their sweetness will sweep you off your feet![...]

Hot Springs and Well-being

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Cruz del Sur Observatory

Open for people of all ages, it’s advisable to book their tours 48 hours in advance, to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and to not bring pets or food on the trip.

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