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You can´t miss these Chilean wines!

Nature blessed Chile with a privileged geography and such a diverse climate that it is perfect for the development of[...]

The most innovative tourism offers of 2016 in Chile

The Quartz Route of the Quilimarí Valley, the cultural recovery of the Chilean Muleteers’ Live Treasures Route and an appreciation[...]

The New York Times named the Atacama Desert among the best places to travel worldwide in 2017

The Atacama Desert was recently reviewed in The New York Times under the headline “New ways to explore the world´s[...]

Santiago’s Aerial Tramway is back, an Attractive Urban Icon

“Mom! Dad! Can you get inside those?” asks a little girl staring upward with wide eyes and an open mouth,[...]

What astro-tourism options are there in Chile?

Chile’s geographic conditions make our country a true natural laboratory that is perfect for scientific research and astronomical observations thanks[...]

Chile Voted World’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination

  For the first time ever, Chile was selected as the world's leading adventure tourism destination. This recognition was bestowed[...]

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