The rivers that connect southern Chile’s lush forests, lakes, fjords and inlets provide the opportunity to combine sports and adrenaline against the backdrop of the Andes Mountains. Experts agree that the area’s intense yet short rivers are first-class. They tend to descend from high mountain peaks and flow into the Pacific Ocean just a few kilometers from where they originated. There are options for all skill levels, from Class I to V. Some have been marked for tour groups and others are almost completely unknown.

The Futaleufú River in the heart of northern Patagonia‘s breathtaking scenery features Class V rapids, with a strong flow and exciting, wave-filled descents.

The nearby Baker River is turbulent and turquoise in color with Class II and III rapids tucked away among ice fields that offer stunning views.

The resort town of Pucón has two rivers that make it a rafting hotbed. The Trancura offers class IV and V rapids, while the Liucura is perfect for beginners and fun family excursions.

Near Valdivia, you’ll find the complex rapids of San Pedro River, which start out at Class II before leading into Class III and IV obstacles. You can take a day trip from Valdivia that includes six hours and includes a delicious riverside barbecue that will definitely recharge your batteries.

The Radal Siete Tazas National Reserve’s Claro River offers Class III action and the reserve, which is renowned for its seven verdant waterfalls and magnificent natural surroundings, merits an exploratory hike.

And if you’re spending some time near Santiago and are in the mood for softer rapids, try the Maipo River, 60 kilometers from the capital.

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