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Tourist arrivals to Chile have increased by 28% in the first half of 2016

The momentum of the Chilean tourism industry observed in 2015, which reached a record of 4.4 million international visitors, continues to grow during 2016.

According to data provided by the Undersecretary of Tourism, during the first six months of 2016, 2,837,315 tourists arrived to Chile, demonstrating an increase of 28% when compared to this same time period in 2015. A new record of 5.6 million international visitors is anticipated for 2016, according to estimates, which is 25% more than in 2015.

Luis Felipe Céspedes, Minister of Economy, maintained that there are numerous reasons for this growth. The minister affirmed that this growth is due to efforts in international marketing, as well as the fact that more airlines are now arriving to Chile.  Céspedes also added that, in his opinion, there are advantages of holding international treaties with Chile that make it easier to travel. Lastly, the minister pointed out that economic conditions have also stimulated this sector. “The value of the dollar in Chile for those coming from stronger economies boosts the arrival of tourists,” he assured.

The number of Argentineans that arrived in this first half of the year grew by 52% when compared to this same time period in 2015, while the only market that saw a decrease was that of the Brazilians, which fell by 10%. Arrivals from the United States saw an increase of 18% when compared to last year, with 107,265 tourists.

European arrivals to Chile also increased by 12% with 222,000 tourists coming from this continent. In regards to the primary markets for Chile, the arrival of English tourists increased by 23%, the arrival of Italian tourists by 19%, French tourists by 13%, and the arrival of both Spanish and German tourists increased by 6%. The arrival of Australian tourists also increased by 17% during this time period, and, likewise, tourist arrivals from Asian countries increased by approximately 20%, with the increase in the arrival of Chinese tourists standing out with 58%, and the arrival of Japanese tourists by 10%.

According to Debbie Feldman, the General Manager of Chile Travel, “the numbers confirm a positive trend that is without a doubt an effort of the collaborative work between the private and public sectors.” Even though Argentineans comprised more than half of June’s arrivals, arrivals from long-distance travelers are still on the rise. This motivates us to increase our marketing efforts, which is something we are very much focused on.”