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Record tourism boom skyrocket´s Chile´s numbers in 2016

International tourist arrivals to Chile reached a historic high last year with 5.64 million visitors in 2016. According to data provided by the Research Division of the Tourism Department, tourism grew by 26% from 2015.

In 2016, most international tourists came from Argentina, a 49% boost from the previous year (2.9 million entries). Meanwhile, tourism from Europe increased by 9%, totaling 449,667 visitors.

The European market provided the greatest influx of travelers to Chile, 41,523 tourists came from Italy, a 24% rise from the previous year. Tourism from England increased by 11%, totaling 51,611 visitors; the rate of arrivals from France also grew by 10.2%, with 77,129 visitors. Arrivals from Spain rose by 6.3% with 77,987 arrivals.

Among the other important tourism markets for Chile, the United States is noted for 208,000 arrivals, representing a 12% growth rate; as well as Australia, from which Chile received 50,968 visitors, indicating an 11% increase. Significantly, Chinese tourism has spiked by 49%, closing out 2016 with 22,992 arrivals.


Income from foreign exchange and projections

Foreign revenue from tourism is projected at a total of USD $3.130 billion. This figure corresponds to an 8% increase as compared to revenue from 2015.

In addition, authorities have set forth their projections and estimates produced by the Department of Tourism Research Division, this year will see a 14% rise in international tourism from 2016, which may mean between 5.6 and 6.4 million international arrivals to Chile.

This international influx continues to be marked by an increase in Argentinian visitors, which is estimated to grow by 28%, climbing to 3.7 million arrivals.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that tourism from the United States will increase by 1%, totaling 205 thousand tourists. It is expected that the number of European tourists will show a 4% increase, totaling 465 thousand tourists.