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Chile will house the largest interactive space for astronomy in Latin America

With an investment of US$2 million, this project looks to be a leading reference worldwide. It’s an initiative that contributes to Chile’s efforts to position itself as the world’s principal destination for astro-tourism.

“Espacio Universo”, is a project that hopes to become recognized as the most important interactive site dedicated to astronomy in Latin America. This new wing in the Interactive Mirador Museum (MIM), located in Santiago, will span across 700 m2 and offer 50 modules for permanent exhibitions related to the observation and understanding of the universe.

The project will be inaugurated at the end of 2017. Via autonomous exploration, and in a playful manner, this project hopes to bring visitors closer to what is known about outer space and the progress of various investigations, bearing in mind that Chile houses more than 40% of the world’s infrastructure for astronomical observation.

The wing’s content will be divided into six zones, covering subjects that include the solar system, the life of the stars, the Milky Way, the galaxies, the early universe and the different kinds of sky observation. The unique characteristics of Chile’s territory as a privileged place for the exploration of the cosmos will also be highlighted.

For Debbie Feldman, of Turismo Chile, “astro-tourism has enormous potential in our Chile, as we have the best skies for the observation of stars. This is what differentiates us and we must know how to take full advantage, so that by 2025 Chile can be the most important destination for astro-tourism in the world”.