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San Pedro Winery

This winery was founded in 1865 and is one of the largest and oldest exporters of Chilean wine.  Visit the winery and the centennial, underground wine cellar where you can taste the different icon wines such as Castillo de Molina, Cabo de Hornos, and GatoNegro.

They have one of the most expansive vineyards in all of Latin America with 1,200 hectares. One of its greatest features is its sustainable agriculture which guarantees environmentally-friendly practices during every step of production while making long-term contributions to the surrounding communities.

Selected as a New World Winery, each of their wines has its own special style that invites visitors to raise up their glass. Make a toast while admiring the beauty of the plantations on the softly rolling hills that leave visitors with an unforgettable, Mediterranean-style experience.

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