Coastal Viña del Mar

Enjoy a Stroll on the Beach in Viña del Mar

If you are fortunate enough to visit central Chile, be sure to check out Viña del Mar‘s coastline, which runs from Caleta Abarca in the south to Cochoa in the north.

Start your tour at Caleta Abarca in front of the famous Flower Clock located on Av. Marina facing Cerro Recreo. This is one of the area’s most popular beaches during the hot weather. From there, the waterfront continues to the Marga Marga Estuary. As you cross the Casino Bridge, you’ll catch a glimpse of the historic 1930s building as well as Av. Peru, Viña del Mar’s main thoroughfare.

At the end of the road is a series of white sandy beaches surrounded by large buildings, including Casino, Acapulco, El Sol, Blanca and Los Marineros, all of which are very popular during summer. The Vergara Pier is the focal point of the coastal landscape, and you’ll find a handicrafts fair along the walkway as well as a playground and the Army Canon Museum.

If you are looking for still more places to enjoy a swim or walk along the Pacific Ocean, check out Las Salinas, a smaller beach with gentler waves. Reñaca, an exclusive neighborhood whose beaches and waves attract hundreds of tourists and surfers, is just a little further down. Cochoa, at Viña del Mar’s northern limit, is a good place to end your tour over a well-deserved plate of fresh seafood or fish at one of the area’s classic restaurants.


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